Pop Quiz (Part II)

Who said:

If there were a topographical map showing relative levels of arrogant, pompous nitwittery, pretentious, supercilious moronia,  dim-bulb jackassery, and sheer slack-jawed, drooling, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging cretinism, there would be a massive spike over Hollywood and one over Washington, DC. The rest of the country would be a lot lower; though, I guess you’d see spikes over Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and other big cities too.

Okay, fine.

We did.

And it made me laugh, when I re-discovered it here.

— xPraetorius






2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz (Part II)

  1. **** grin!!! **** “Nimroddery! Love it!

    And there’s definitely a place somewhere for “Nimrod and reel!”

    Please, please, please let me use them! I promise to attribute them to you!


    — x

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