My Quibble With The Right

We’ve said it here many times, and people like Ben Shapiro, to their everlasting credit, are saying it more and more frequently: We have to recognize a very, harsh reality: the political left is led by bad people.

Observation #1:

  • How do bad people avoid being caught in their evil? Simple: Deflection. Accuse the other side of the very evil you are about to commit, or have just committed.

Observation #2:

  • How have we on the Right reacted to the general social thuggery of the left? We say, to no one listening in particular, that it’s all just so unfair.

There’s a thought pattern in America: that if only we could all argue politely, then we’d arrive at constructive solutions, common ground, and other nice things like that. We on the Right said, “Sure, okay. Sounds good to us. Let’s do it!

The Left responded publicly in exactly the same way. Then, in hush-hush, super-secret, closed-door meetings, they said, “Screw that! If we do that we’ll lose! Our ideas are for crap! A thin veneer of vaguely intellectual-sounding horse manure that we use because people seem to think we have to debate all this stuff instead of just letting us take power.

The leadership of the Left is composed of … bad people.

But, how do we on the Right tell people that?

How do we overcome the increasingly obvious point that when each side is saying the same thing about the other, sometimes it’s true that one is actually right, and the other is actually wrong?

And, why is one side right and the other wrong?

A little thought exercise might help us here:

Imagine a television show in which the hero’s fighting for all that’s good and right. In that show, the hero’s opposed by an evil villain who has the ability to change his shape to look like someone else. The evildoer changes his shape to look just like the hero.(1) Then when the people who need the hero’s services show up, they can’t tell who’s the bad guy and who’s the good. And how does the bad guy work his deception? Simple: he says exactly the same thing as the good guy. He acts just like the good guy. He says, “Look! I’m the good guy!” Then, the bad guy accuses the good guy of all the bad things of which he himself is guilty. Then, in the end, of course, how does the good guy ultimately win? Well, he goes over to the beautiful love-interest girl and asks her to look into his eyes, confident that she’ll be able to see the genuineness and authenticity there, and choose him.

In other words, we on the Right are constantly hoping that our love interest — the people — will just see the sincerity and the authenticity in our eyes, and recognize the bad, leftist guy for the smarmy, lying scoundrel that he is.



In one ear is the charming bad guy, and in the other ear are the media — and your teachers, and Hollywood, and all of pop culture — and we’re hoping that you the people will just see the great goodness in our right-wing eyes.

Observation #3:

  • All this crap about “seeing something in his/her eyes” is a bunch of hooey. It’s a literary device for authors who are too lazy to depict a scene in a truthful way.

That’s why we lose elections.

We’ll win elections when we meet the political Left on their own turf: the gutter. In these pages, we’ve made this point over and over and over and over and over and over again. When they call us racists, call them child molesters(2). Then prove it. It’s okay to lie; when someone calls you on it, look him right in the eyes and say, “He called me a racist with no evidence to back it up; I can call him a child molester with no evidence to back it up. He’s a child molester and I can’t believe he’s not in jail and that you’ve invited him on this show. That makes you as bad as a child molester.

Then, sit back and watch the fun.

When they hit you with one, you hit them back with tenNever surrender the moral high ground! When they attack, attack back … a lot harder than they attacked.

Remember: the “thinking” and “ideas” of the left are fat, flabby, old, long discredited. No one’s ever mounted a concerted challenge to them. They — we — have been too busy whining that we’re not racists, or sexists, or homophobes, or the like.

The “ideas” of the left are those of the 1960’s radicals who never grew up, and were too lazy to challenge their own ideas and conclusions, or their parents’. They then became college professors, Hollywood producers and … the President.

Point out that the left is operating from the gutter, then grind that into their faces over and over and over and over and over again. Operate as if the entire debate is happening with the left in the gutter and you holding the moral high ground.

Take their accusation that you’re a racist as a gift. At that point, you can do debate jiu-jitsu. Preface every remark you make with something like, “Okay, first, let’s not forget that the other side is debating from the gutter…

When they sputter, interrupt loudly and say, “You accused me of being a racist with no evidence, you goon! Be quiet and let me finish my point!”

When the debate has calmed down a bit, bring back up the “he’s a child molester” thing. Point out that he hasn’t proven that he’s not a child molester. Point out that you have as much evidence that he’s a child molester as he has that you’re a racist. Then point out that, actually, you have ten time more evidence that he’s a child molester than he has that you’re a racist. After all, mathematically it’s true.

Never relent. Never lift the pressure.

And so forth.

We on the Right don’t do that, and we need to.

After all, do you believe what you say you believe? Then freakin’ defend it! With vigor!

Are you a racist?!? Of course you’re not, and you know it, and it’s a scumbag who accuses you of it.

So, accuse the scumbag right back! Don’t skip a beat! After all his very accusation proves he’s a scumbag… why would you be reluctant to tell him what he is?

Would you be reluctant to tell Shaquille O’Neal he’s tall? Of course not! Why would you be?

Shaquille O’Neal is tall. The leadership of the political Left are corrupt.

Now, at long last, we on the political Right need to deal realistically with that reality.

— xPraetorius


(1)  We’ve all seen shows just like this, and it’s a profoundly Conservative message, much to the surprise, generally, of the producers of the show.

(2) If that’s a tad too rugged for you, then use “mass murderer.” Or “murderer,” or the like. Remember: they’re accusing you and me of being the logical equivalent of child molesters.


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