An Important Watch

The YouTube video is called: In Depth with Ben Shapiro “Author & Columnist” part 1

The video is here.

In a recent C-SPAN interview, the great Ben Shapiro made a bunch of points that we’ve been making here, in these pages, for a very long time. It’s nice to have the validation, but Ben Shapiro also says it really well. It’s nice also to hear it said back in such a compellingly, succinctly persuasive way!

There are, as the headline indicates, at least two parts to this. Here’s the other part. It’s called, logically enough, In Depth with Ben Shapiro “Author & Columnist” part 2

Ben Shapiro is young, incandescently bright, jaw-droppingly articulate, speaks a mile-a-minute and, as I might have mentioned, really says it well.

Among those points:

  • The left’s main tactic in “debate” is character assassination and defamation — bullying. The right must respond in kind or it will continue to lose in America.
  • Defending oneself “in the gutter” is not morally equivalent to the one who attacked from the gutter.
  • And more…

What a great thing it is that such an intelligent, articulate, driven, energetic young man has taken up the Conservative cause in America!

— xPraetorius


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