Is There Any Doubt That The World Is Slipping Ever More Rapidly Into Insanity?


Here’s a small sampling of today’s headlines from Drudge:

  1. President defends Kaepernick national anthem protest…
  2. Philippines’ Duterte calls Obama ‘son of a whore’…
  3. UPDATE: Revolution against ‘rich parasites’ at utopian Burning Man…
  4. Cameraman ordered to cut feed of black church Trump praise…
  5. UPDATE: NKorea fires 3 ballistic missiles as G20 leaders meet in China…
  6. MORE Creepy Clown Sightings…
  7. Kanye furious backlash for ‘multi-racial’ models only…
  8. 250+ arrested at CA rave…
  9. Police ‘porn dog’ finds flash drives…
  10. $150M FOR BOND?
  11. Sex with robots could become addiction, experts warn…

And… some quick remarks, each numbered like the above headline to which it corresponds:

  1. An intellectually irrelevant President defends the sacred right of an intellectually irrelevant athlete to be loudly, conspicuously and stupidly irrelevant.
  2. Can you imagine that? A foreign leader calling the President of the United States a “son of a whore?” Incredible! I thought that with the election of Obama, the rest of the world was supposed to love and respect us.(1)
  3. Some of these “rich parasites”: the founders of the whole “Burning Man” thing. This is a bunch of actual parasites getting together, realizing that what they do, contributes nothing of real value, and deciding to accuse others of being parasites before anyone, with a national forum, can call them on their own parasitism. In America today: He/She who accuses first wins.
  4. This is what the American press did with what has to be one of the most revolutionary, blindingly glorious, inventions by mankind… ever: the First Amendment. The American press’ perversion of the First Amendment represents one of the most consequential crimes ever committed against humanity.
  5. This is the 21st freakin’ Century! Why does this régime — which treats dogs better than it does people… and it eats dogs —  even exist at all in the first place? Why? Simple: Because the equally barbaric Chinese régime exists in the same 21st Century.
  6. Wait… there have been sightings of John Kerry out and about in America? I have to admit, that would be scary!
  7. Why does anyone listen to this brain-dead, racist moron in the first place? Simple: Because “brain-dead racist moron,” is a synonym for “top thinker of the American left.”
  8. Seriously?
  9. “Police ‘porn dog?'” Not “corn dog,” but “porn dog.” Yep. You read it right.
  10. They’re thinking of offering Daniel Craig 150 million dollars to play James Bond in another movie. What a waste of money! Oh, nothing against Mr. Craig, but why would anyone think it worth a king’s ransom to get him to play Bond? Pay some struggling up-and-comer $75,000 and call it a day. The movies are nothing really important anyway. A hundred and fifty million! Now Craig needs to state loudly and conspicuously how oppressive and racist Western Civilization is, like another spoiled rotten rich brat collecting $150 million for nothing all that important. (hint: Colin Kaepernick)(2)
  11. Thing one: How is this even a thing? Yes, yes, yes, I have some thoughts on that subject — because there’s always an answer to the question: Why? But seriously, what man or woman could ever be content with this? I don’t care if she looks like Jessica Biel (my own choice in a sex robot)! Here’s the answer to my own question: No man or woman would be content with such an arrangement, but would be — no question about it — settling for it.

— xPraetorius


(1) As we’ve pointed out numerous times in these pages: The rest of the world did not have America’s best interests in mind when they were rooting for Obama’s election in 2008, then his re-election in 2012. They were hoping for an Obama presidency because they knew of the damage he would do to this country.

(2) Pay the two spolied rich brats not one thin dime and save 300 million smackers that could certainly be put to good use somewhere else.

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