People I Like (and some I don’t) (Part II)

Behind the scenes, some perspicacious people pointed out to me that I had erred, so I must make amends. I have to correct this post here, as follows: I gave the nickname “Cher,” not “Donald,” to Arkenatan.

I gave the nickname “Donald” to a dude who calls himself “KIA.” (Here’s his blog) The entire exchange is here. It’s kind of amusing.

I always thought that “KIA” meant “Killed In Action,” and was a military acronym. All that, apparently remains true, but in this case, “KIA,” whose real name is Mike, says that it means “Know It All.” He calls himself a “recovering know-it-all,” but I can tell you that the recovery is not going well at all. He also calls himself — right in his masthead: “The Man who Learned Too Much and Lived to Tell.”

Lol! The perfect definition of the pompous know-it-all! And, KIA is definitely not someone who “learned too much.”

A “know-it-all” is someone who thinks he knows it all, but generally doesn’t. KIA remains an insufferable know-it-all. He speaks with great confidence in his own authority, but then when you probe a bit, you realize that there’s very little knowledge there at all. The ideal pop culture reference is the character “Cliff Clavin” on the old sitcom “Cheers.”

For your amusement, here’s the paragraph in which I said that I’d start calling KIA, “Donald”:

Well, I guess we need a name for you too, since you refuse to grant me the same courtesy I extended to you. We’re using “Cher” for Ark, because that was what came up when I googled his characteristics. [Editor’s Note: See that little announcement, below]

Let’s google “hyper-sensitive, paranoid, false accusation-prone, entitled, thin-skinned crybaby” to see if we can find an appropriate name for you.


The first image: Donald Trump!

Much, much, much too funny! And — kinda perfect!

Let’s call you Donald. That’s perfect!

Ark is Cher and KIA is Donald.

And here’s the paragraph where I announced that I’d be calling Ark, “Cher”:

Okay… I guess it’s “Call People Other Names Time.”

What should we use for Ark? What other name can we use for an immature, potty-mouthed, insecure, low-IQ, bullying nitwit?

Let’s google it and see what we turn up.

[W]ell, that’s just too funny! The first image that shows up is Al Sharpton! Then came Barack Obama, then Cher.

Well, we can’t call you Al — that’s too close to what you’re calling me — and we can’t call you Barack. You can get into real trouble doing that. I guess it’s Cher.

Okay, Cher it is!

— xPraetorius


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