Colin Kaepernick is a Blithering Idiot (Part II)

Colin Kaepernick, multi-multi-multi-multi-millionaire quarterback for the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers, says that he won’t stand for the National Anthem, because he says, America is all racist and oppressive and all the usual leftist hooey that you hear all the time from the usual brainless suspects on the political left.


Shouldn’t that, then, be the signal to all those black and brown people ditching everything to try to come here that they should just go back home?

After all, this place, America, found a way for a guy who has no actual productive skill whatsoever to land an employment contract — with the above-mentioned San Francisco 49ers — for nearly 150 million dollars!

Yes, Colin Kaepernick is a black dude –bi-racial, really — who was adopted and raised by white parents. However, you shouldn’t hold his skin color against him, as apparently he is prepared to do to you, if you’re white.

But, still, that same guy — the one with the employment contract for nearly 150 million dollars — says that America is “racist and oppressive.”

In this piece here, I suggested that I might like to sign up for some of that same oppression. Say, just 10 million dollars worth. I don’t want to be greedy or selfish, after all.

Tens of millions, hundreds of millions,  of other people, of all colors but mostly non-white, are struggling desperately to win what in the rest of the world is the real lottery: the chance to come live here in America. You know, the land of racism and oppression that somehow manages both to make blithering idiots like Colin Kaepernick massively, nearly incomprehensibly wealthy, and still seem “racist and oppressive.”

The rest of the world can only dream, and plainly does dream, of taking on just some of the terrible burden that Colin Kaepernick has to shoulder.

— xPraetorius


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