Let’s Please Face a Simple Fact: Colin Kaepernick is a Blithering Idiot

Read all about it here: Colin Kaepernick, half-witted quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers refuses to stand for the national anthem. (Link) .

His reason? He has none that’s rational, but he said that the American national anthem stands for oppression, and all the usual half-witted codswallop that brain-rotted morons say about the Star Spangled Banner.

Here’s a guy who has a  contract for something like 149 million dollars … to play a game.

In America.

His complaint? That America is currently mistreating people like him (he’s bi-racial, adopted, raised by white parents).

One hundred forty-nine million bucks. Sounds purty nice, eh?

Know what that means? Let’s try to find a bit of perspective, shall we? Here’s an example: link. Kaepernick could buy that 59 acre property in Maine(1) and … one thousand, eight-hundred, sixty-two and a half more … just like it… or one single property of a mere: 93,125 acres.

If he wanted some privacy , he could go to his estate and be confident that there was no one else within ten miles of him.

How about you?

Just to give you a tad more perspective: the state of Rhode Island is some 677,000 acres. That means that young Kaepernick could buy nearly 14% of the entire freakin’ state of Rhode Island!

He’d be by far the biggest landowner in American history, and he’s worried that this country is mistreating his sorry little a**.


Please, sign me up for some mistreatment like that? Okay?

I do something that actually contributes to the greater productivity of America and her citizens. I don’t, let me tell you, get paid anything near 149 million smackers to do it.

The moment before I die, I’ll be able to say the following with absolute certainty: I’ve contributed to making numerous people (my conservative estimate: 10,000 at this point) much more productive, and I will have put into the hands of numberless others, the tools that allow them to obtain wealth on their own.

Colin Kaepernick plays football.

What will that a*****e be able to say just before he dies?

If I were to use bad language, I might say something like:

“F**k you, Colin Kaepernick, you whining, simpering, brain-dead, moron of a half-wit. Go pack groceries in a Walmart somewhere, and stop whining about it when the country you live in pays you something in the neighborhood of 600 freakin’ times what the President makes. That’s six-freakin’-hundred times more than the most powerful man in the history of the world gets, you idiot.

Oh, and he’s of the same ethnicity as you.

The President, that is. You know, the freakin’ piker making 600 times less than you?

Here’s some really constructive advice for you, Colin, you clodpole: Shut up. Stop thinking you have anything to say about the world around you, because you’re a boneheaded, fatuous, risible, empty-headed, thick, feeble-minded,  cretinous, IQ-deprived, harebrained, loopy, obtuse, retarded, reactionary, backward, uneducated, ignorant, primitive, boneheaded, deranged, vacuous, fatuous, insipid, useless, buffoonish, burbling, dithering, imperceptive, blithering neanderthal of a half-wit.

Freakin’ moron.

— xPraetorius


(1) That I could buy too, but that I’ve scrimped and saved for more than a decade to be able to buy.

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