Corrupt Media

Up-front Disclaimer: I don’t like Trump.

Now: with that said, why was it horrible, awful, disgusting for Donald Trump to insult the Gold Star family, the Khan’s, while it was okay for Hillary Clinton to lie directly to Sean Smith’s grieving mother?

Hint: Trump’s action was actually morally superior.

Let’s not forget that the Democrats exploited the Gold Star Khan family in the first place, in order to attack Trump. The Khan’s abused Trump, and Trump, to his discredit, abused the Khan’s right back, instead of attacking the Democrats for blatantly exploiting the family.

Trump, you might say, did exactly the same thing with Mrs. Smith. Well, no. Hillary directly, personally abused Patricia Smith. Trump never did anything to the Khan’s. They were upset at the idea of limiting immigration to America by people from countries where there is a lot of terrorism.

Hillary blatantly abused Patricia Smith. Hillary’s party then blatantly abused the Khan’s at their convention.

Then Trump fired back. Was he wrong to do so? Of course. So, why did Dirty Hillary get a pass for doing even worse?

— xPraetorius


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