The Crimes of the American Democrat Party

Bottom Line: The American political right wing is guilty of none, not one, of the crimes listed below. While the left, and its political wing the American Democrat Party, are hugely, massively, overwhelmingly guilty of all of them. These crimes are the seeds of the destruction of America, the greatest, freest, finest, most noble, biggest-hearted country the world has ever seen.

Important Note: This is not to say that no one on the political right is guilty of any of the crimes we outline in this essay. There are individuals on the right — they’re few and far between — who are guilty of some of these crimes. However, there probably is not any one single individual on the right who is guilty of all of them. By contrast, on the left, the vast majority are guilty of all of them.

You know the old saw, don’t you: “[Fill in Institution Here] contains the seeds of its own destruction.”

Karl Marx filled in “Capitalism” between the square brackets, and, believe it or not, he once used the word “Evil” between those same brackets in that phase.

Someone else said, “Every empire.”

History  seems to support this notion. In the various post mortems of past empires, historians attempt to put names to those “seeds.” Concerning the Roman Empire, people spoke of things like decadence, a series of poor rulers, the barbarians or external enemies. For the Greeks it was a similar combination of things. For the Egyptians, Babylonians and others, likewise.

Along came the modern empires: the British, Nazi, Soviet, Japanese, and you find a mix of corruption, insanity, greater visibility into tyrannical behavior, and the fall of the very concept of imperialism in world esteem. And more.

Now, we come to the United States. What are the names of the seeds of the destruction of the American empire? Because, it is beyond dispute that the United States is in decline. The only question is the rate of that decline. The only possible conclusion is: if that trend continues, then America is doomed. Just a question of when.

I can give you the name of one crucial seed of the destruction of America: The American Democrat Party. Out of this poisonous criminal gang masquerading as a political party have come the following corrosive horrors that will, surely, bring America down:

  1. Racism. The Democrat Party was the party of slavery. The Republican Party was formed, as an anti-slavery party. After the abolition of slavery, the Democrat Party alone continued to resist — for a full century, well into the 1960’s! — the smooth integration of former slaves and their descendants into American society. The Democrat Party is entirely responsible for the following things:
    • The Ku Klux Klan
    • Segregation
    • Jim Crow laws
    • Lynching
    • The vast ghettoization of black Americans in America’s big cities.
  2. The Disappearance of the Traditional Two-Parent Family. This is one of the most heinous crimes of all time. It’s no linger a topic of debate among analysts of the current scene, that the devastation of Black America is directly tied to the loss of the traditional black family unit. What caused this loss? Simple: the replacement of the black man in the family unit by a government check. The trajectories of all the pathologies afflicting black Americans tracks exactly with the disappearance of the black man in the black family. It’s important to note that this is also true of White Americans, also in decline in America. Their continuing deterioration tracks exactly with the ongoing disintegration of the traditional white family as well. All of this is entirely the responsibility of the American Democrat Party.
  3. American Cities. Let’s not forget the ravaging of America’s great cities. Democrats have owned them for decades. As mentioned above, the Democrats who have run America’s big cities since the 1960’s, have ghettoized black Americans in soul-crushing poverty, bringing with it growing resentment, bitterness, violence, hostility … death. Ask yourself a simple question: This is America in the 21st Century, how is it that there even exists a phrase: “bad neighborhood.” This is entirely the responsibility of the Democrat Party. Yes, yes, yes, you can legitimately say that the Republicans have enabled the corrupt Democrats, but while this doesn’t excuse them, it’s because of the seventh entry in this list of the Democrats’ crimes …
  4. Asian genocide. Anyone paying attention to things in the 1960’s and 1970’s knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the departure of American forces from Southeast Asia, and the surrender of South Vietnam to North Vietnam would result in a frightful bloodbath. We left the region. The bloodbath happened. It was as bad as everyone knew it would be. Millions were murdered; millions more tortured and maimed, uprooted, gassed, dispersed. The region-wide dislocation was brutal, vicious, violent. Opposition to the war in Vietnam, which caused all this death, destruction and horror, was almost entirely a Democrat Party thing.(1) The weight of this horror should, and surely does, weigh heavily on the American conscience.
  5. ISIS. It’s interesting how the debate is happening today. Donald Trump said that Barack Obama is the “Founder of ISIS.” Well. He’s not too far off the mark. Obviously, Obama didn’t sit down in meetings with the gibbering baboons who actually founded ISIS, but he did, absolutely — and knowingly — execute the policies and programs that allowed ISIS to form, and then to flourish. While we’ve never used the phrase in these pages, I wish we had. Oh, what phrase? This one: Barack Obama could, correctly, be called: The Father of ISIS. In these pages, back in March of this year (here), we did say this about Obama:  “Had Obama not abandoned Iraq, there would have been no ISIS…” The only thing for which you can rightly fault Trump is imprecision in language. Obama was not “ISIS’ founder” but one could say quite legitimately that he’s the degenerate group’s “father.”(2) Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it’s plain that ISIS is, at least indirectly, a creature of the Democrat Party.
  6. Let’s not forget: The Debt. No one disputes that, barring real, substantive corrective action, American debt — forecast to top 100 trillion dollars when future unfunded obligations are calculated — will do at least to us what it has done to places like Greece, where once prosperous people root around in dumpsters for their next meal.The debt is nearly entirely the responsibility of the Democrat Party. Yes, yes, yes, the Republicans are guilty of enabling, but it’s only from the Republicans — Conservatives, really — that comes any opposition at all to the Democrats’ ridiculous country-killing policies. And when the Republicans don’t oppose irresponsible Democrat spending, it’s almost always because they fear the reaction of the media, long corrupted by the Democrats. (See the next entry in this list)
  7. The Corruption of the Media, Pop Culture, Academia. These are the institutions that pass information from one generation to another. Now, due to the corruption from the Democrats, these institutions transmit nearly exclusively lies and propaganda. Want evidence? Look back at the very first bullet of this list. Now, ask yourself, which political party do the Media, Pop Culture and Academia portray as the one most opposing racism? Now, look at the “Asian Genocide” bullet, and ask yourself how academia presents the Vietnam War for today’s students. The thorough corruption of the institutions in America that transmit culture and information from one generation to another is entirely the fault of the American political left and the Democrat Party.
  8. Political Correctness. Part of the corruption of society in general has come about as the American Left, and its political wing the Democrat Party, have introduced “Political Correctness” — more correctly known as the suppression of free speech — into the rules governing American interactions. “Political Correctness” is entirely a creature of the American left. In any right-wing group (there are no right-wing institutions), there is no risk in expressing contrarian points of view. In left-wing groups and institutions, you risk everything — social or academic standing, family, career, even your life, if you ever publicly deviate from accepted leftist dogma. Political Correctness is an invention of the American left and the Democrat Party.
  9. Sexual Weirdism. Part of the effort to destroy the traditional family was in formulating, then bludgeoning into the American psyche, the notion that what’s always been obviously true, isn’t necessarily true. Hence, men can be women, black can be white, homosexuality  is normal (even heroic and laudable), up can be down … wrong can, therefore, be right. And, of course, really bad things can actually be really good things. As a result, mentally disturbed people, people with serious delusions, can — presto-changeo! — be cured! Simply by having their serious delusions reclassified as “normal.” The 1960’s gave us the “Sexual Revolution,” and a half-century later, the 2010’s gave us the “Sexual Weirdism Revolution.” The former turned out really badly, the latter will turn out even worse, as impressionable young Americans, guided by thoroughly corrupted academics, “learn” the new socially and politically acceptable “truths.” A simple thought experiment: If you’re delusional, and one group tells you that, no, you’re not really delusional at all, but perfectly normal, while the other group levels with you and tells you that you need help with your delusion, to what group do you gravitate?(3) Sexual Weirdism, its fabrication and dissemination, is entirely the fault of the American left and its political wing, the Democrat Party.
  10. The Perversion of Science. As the previous bullet point implies, something had to happen in order for things like sexual weirdism to thrive in America. What happened was the perversion of science by the left. The most obvious example, of course, is the bludgeoning of scientists into toeing the leftist environmentalism line .. or else. The other example is the unfortunate Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner. Today, of course, if you point out the obvious: “Caitlyn Jenner” is a man, you risk social ostracism, political exile, professional marginalization. Yet, centuries from now, if scientists were to exhume “Caitlyn’s” body from his grave, they’d say, with no risk whatsoever to social or professional status, that they had unearthed a man. By that time, though, Bruce Jenner will have served his purpose for the left, having done his part to wipe out the traditional American family. There are more examples. Many more. Far too many more. The perversion of science is entirely the responsibility of the American left, and the Democrat Party.
  11. The Perversion of Language. The left uses the language of the right in order to convince the American people that they’re not the lunatics they really are. In economics they talk about investment and growth and competition. Socially, the left force you and me to speak as they demand that we speak. If you don’t use politically correct language, as mentioned above, you risk everything. And this in a country where the very first amendment to the Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”(4) The perversion of language in America today is entirely the responsibility of the American left and the Democrat Party.
  12. The Squashing of Debate. With items #7, 10 and 11 above, the groundwork has been laid for the coercive quashing of actual debate pertaining to any and all issues. As a result, if there actually are legitimate ideas on the left, we the people can never know it, because the left make absolutely sure that they never face any real competition on an actual “battlefield of ideas.” I criticize ideologies like Socialism, but not all of its ideas are wrong and evil. The implementation of Socialism has always been horrible, atrocious and evil, and that has forever tarnished it as a governing ideology. However, there can be ideas within the entire thought tendency that have value. Absent the very possibility of debate, though, we can never have the ability to make a sober assessment of one set of ideas against another. The inability to have an honest debate about the issues facing America today, is entirely the responsibility of the American left and the Democrat Party.

If you look through that list, there are no groups or organizations belonging to the political right wing that engage in any of those things. None.

Let’s summarize quickly. Truths about the American political right: the American Right — Conservatives — (1) accept all races, (2) accept and encourage the traditional family, (3) have not run American cities in any meaningful way for more than 60 years, (4) did everything possible to prevent the Asian genocide in Vietnam and elsewhere, (5) had beaten ISIS, (6) are the only political tendency to oppose vast government over-spending, (7) have not corrupted the media, academia or pop culture, (8) have never enforced speech codes of any kind, (9) do not support sexual weirdism, (10) do not pervert or corrupt science, (11) do not pervert or corrupt language, and finally, (12) never, ever, ever, ever squash debate.

This last item, #12, is the worst of the crimes of the American left, and of their political wing, the American Democrat Party. The free flow of thoughts and ideas, and the ability to assess those thoughts against rebuttals, are absolutely essential to the survival of Democracy itself. In America today, there is no free flow of thoughts and ideas. The ability to assess competing ideas against each other is non-existent.

— xPraetorius


(1) People will say that the Republican President Nixon withdrew American forces from Southeast Asia, and that would be technically correct, but he was simply making a desperate attempt to placate the Democrats as they moved forward in impeachment proceedings pertaining to Watergate.

(2) People could respond, “Well, doesn’t that make Ronald Reagan the ‘father’ of Al Qaeda and the Taliban? After all, he financed them in Afghanistan.” Wrong. Reagan didn’t know, nor could he have known, that his financing of the Afghan mujaheddin against the Soviet occupiers would have the result on 9/11 that it did. Obama, by contrast, did know that  America’s departure from Iraq had a really good chance of turning that country over to the muslim baboons.

(3) The bottom line: when you gravitate to the group that simply reclassifies your delusion as normal, your delusion goes untreated and, of course, only gets worse. You get crazier. Do I really need to say that, obviously, the left do crazy people no favors in re-defining their delusions as normal?

(4) Here’s a video that illustrates this observation: Go to 7:20 in the video to hear Ben Shapiro neatly summarize an example of the leftist perversion of language.




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