The Crimes of the American Democrat Party (Part II)

Today’s DrudgeReport headlines say:

Thank you so much, Barack Obama, and the Democrat Party, for giving legitimacy to the fraudulent, thuggish, deeply racist Black Lives Matter movement.

Because, you see, we needed ever so many more scumbags running around the streets of major cities killing people for such important reasons as the color of their skin.

For decades, American cities — owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrats — have been killing grounds for black people, innocent and not so innocent alike.

Faced with that awful reality, the Democrats did what they always do. They said, “It’s not fair that black people kill other black people wholesale in American cities! It’ll be fair only when they’re killing white people too!”

And, as always, they’re getting their way.

This is the leftist way. If someone’s miserable, the Democrats do all they can to make everyone miserable. Theirs is a politics of subtraction. If there are a hundred people in a group, and one is rich, the left will take what the rich man has, keep it for themselves and pronounce it fair.

Theirs is a politics of immiseration. If in that same group, 99 are miserable, and one is happy, they say that the only way to make things fair is to make the happy man miserable. When the left has finished their work, everyone’s poor, miserable and … voting Democrat.

If you look at America’s cities, that’s the story in a nutshell.

Black American racism is just one of the left’s long list of depredations, and it’s one of the very worst. And it’s entirely the responsibility of the American left and its political wing, the Democrat Party.

— xPraetorius


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