Bernie Sanders’ Socialism: Cancer-Lite

Bottom Line: Socialism kills your country, and you, either quickly as with Communism, or slowly, as with Bernie Sanders’ brand of Socialism.

Look — in the starkest terms imaginable, we’re writing this because our country, the greatest country that’s ever been, the United States of America, just began to exhibit the outward, visible signs of the cancer that has a very good chance of killing it, and us: The fact that the Democrat Party, as well as the media, took Bernie Sanders seriously as opposed to treating him like the lunatic that he is.

We’re the first to bang this drum, and we hope that others of our same ideological stripe will take up our call and start being open, plainspoken, honest, candid and no-holds-barred, about the idiot from Vermont and, more importantly, about the ones who will come after him carrying his cancerous message.

He’s not a lovable, eccentric, grandfatherly goof, he’s the bearer of a message and ideology that murdered more than 120 million people in the last century alone.

Yes, Socialism, in all its strains, is cancerous. Look at the what Socialism has done around the world, where it, largely, holds sway.

Go ahead, name a successful country governed by Socialism.

In those cases where Socialism has been firmly ensconced, with no democratic chance of removal — like Soviet Russia, Communist China, Nazi Germany, Post World War II Eastern Europe, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea — the Socialist leaders of the country have, overnight, turned the country into a hellhole of mindless death, vicious torture, soul-sapping paranoia and other unspeakable horrors.

In those places where “Socialism-Lite” has held sway for a long time, the result has been nothing but a sad, slow, excruciating decline. You can rattle off the country names: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, England, Austria. All these countries came out of World War II in a rebuilding mode, and managed to turn the devastation from the war around.

For a time, Europe as a whole was a bustling, growing region, full of hard-working people making things, innovating, moving forward. It was a dynamic area full of dynamic people. However, it still had the Socialism cancer. The hell of war had ripped out and cauterized some of the disease tumors, but the disease remained.

Once the rebuilding was complete, these countries all gradually allowed Socialists to regain, first, legitimacy as a co-equal competitor in their democracies, then, actual dominance in those countries, steadily increasing its power and hold. All those countries have been on a downward spiral ever since.

Some of them — Greece, Spain, Portugal — are in such dire economic straits that they survive only by taking what amounts to regular welfare payments — the famous “bailouts” that have been making the news lately — from the less decrepit countries of Europe.

By way of contrast, the places where there actually is hope for renewal, dynamism, opportunity are the countries of Eastern Europe who have thrown off their Communist past and embraced free market reforms and — the bringer of real freedom and opportunity for advancement fo the people: capitalism.

Socialism kills your country, and you, either quickly as with Communism, or slowly, as with Bernie Sanders’ brand of Socialism.

— xPraetorius


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