Black Lives Matter Lies

We’ve said all these things in the past, but the great Ben Shapiro sums it all up nicely here: Or, if you prefer: here.

The first ten minutes sum it up well. However, the rest of the video continues in the theme, and demolishes the leftist view of race, and anything pertaining to race.

The moral, racist cowards here and here have nothing to say about this. Because they know it’s true, and… because they’re frauds.

Don’t however, look for the above links to appear on the web sites of the cowardly racists(1) because they’re cowards. They’ve banned our commentary from their web sites, because when we debated them, we ummm… walloped them … up one side and down the other.

— xPraetorius


(1) In WordPress, if you link to another WordPress blog, that linkback automatically appears on the linked blog. Unless, of course, you haven’t banned them.

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