Waaah! Nobody Visits Our Blog!

It was funny. When we were duking it out with the Race Grievance Industry, one of the accusations of the drones arguing against us was: “No one visits their blog.” Meaning, this blog. We were patient with these idiots. (here and here)

Okay. It’s true. We have a total of only 30,000 or so acknowledged hits. What the heck?!?

I mean, we’ve frequently called this blog “increasingly influential” for some time now, but we have fewer than 31,000 hits in the past four years!!! What a bunch of abysmal failures we must be!!!

Or not…

Ask yourself: If you were the owner of a blog, and you were offered the option to trade, say, 10,000 hits, for one view from, say … the President of the United States of America. Would you do it?

Of course you would! So would we. So that’s what we do.

Ask yourself: “Who is the most powerful person in the world?” Whatever answer you give, that person visits this blog … regularly.

Now, ask yourself: “Who are the first fifty most powerful people in the world?” Whatever answer you give, those people visit this blog … regularly.

We aggressively maintain our anonymity in order to limit the number of visitors we get. If we were to start to get too many visitors, then we’d draw unwanted attention from people from whom we do, most definitely, not want attention. 🙂

Still for a blog that aggressively defends its low profile, does nothing to publicize its efforts, and keeps its figurative head down, 30,000 views is not too shabby, and we take some satisfaction from the number. It’s exactly where we wanted to be at this point in our blog’s existence. Or posts don’t have a lot of “eyes” on them, but they exert serious influence, and that is exactly what we hoped to do.

— xPraetorius






5 thoughts on “Waaah! Nobody Visits Our Blog!

        1. Heeeeeeyyyy, we have the same middle name!

          Mine is particularly appropriate. I found this out the other day: As fate would have it, I’m only one of more than three hundred million other Americans!

          Talk about almost nobody! Holy mackerel!



          — x

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