Love Trumps Hate

Did you all see it at the freak show known as the recent Democratic National Convention? The clever little signs? “Love Trumps Hate,” said the signs.

I had to laugh out loud at that one. The American left, and its political wing, the Democrat Party are suffused with … hatred. It is their default emotion. Nobody, but nobody, hates like a Democrat.

Pure, undistilled, intense, merciless hatred.

No one snarls and sneers, slanders, libels, attacks and assaults, no one deceives, lies, backstabs, defrauds, no one … hates … like Democrats. Not as well, not as thoroughly, not as mindlessly and unflaggingly. No one.

Ask anyone at that Democrat convention what they think of, say, Donald Trump, and you would have heard all manner of: “I really hate Trump,” expressed in this way and that, but all meaning the same thing.

Love may trump hate, but the Democrats recognize that hate turns out voters, and wins elections. So, the Democrats hate, and they hate, and hate, and hate, and hate, and hate some more. At the same time, since they understand the usefulness of hatred, the Democrats insist that everyone else be lovers and … wimps. So they, the Democrats, can steamroll right over them.

If you’re with the Dems,  they love you, but if you’re against them. They hate you with a searing hatred, so deep and white-hot that you will know of it, and you will feel it, and it will affect your life. It will hurt you in some way.

— xPraetorius


8 thoughts on “Love Trumps Hate

  1. HILARY AND THE OTHER 20 incompetent speakers DECLARED ARMAGEDDON to destroy our democracy ,our constitution and our freedom of speech.These liberal want to control America ., Hilary is so pure from outside but from inside corruption and decay.

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