I’m Thinking of a New Feature — NPR Watch … Plus

It seems like a fun project to me. As you know, we take National Public radio (NPR) broadcasts and analyze them for the leftist bias always contained in them. We then produce something called “NPR Watch,”a regular feature in these pages.

Our premise is to expose the fact that you and I pay, with our tax dollars, for the leftist propaganda coming from NPR. We hope to compile enough evidence of that overt bias that we can contribute to the effort to stop the flow of our tax dollars to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the parent corporation of NPR.

Let’s get these leftist propaganda-spouting parasites off the dole, and make them fend for themselves in America. As you and I have to.

I’m thinking of taking various NPR features and deconstructing them paragraph by paragraph, to show that they’re nothing more than thinly-veiled propaganda. Working title: “Deconstructing NPR” It’ll be an in-depth exploration into leftist jackassery in the media. In fact, we’re thinking of using that as the tag line: “An In-Depth Exploration of Leftist Jackassery in the Media.” TBD on  the word: “Jackassery” 🙂

NPR does the following: They produce a feature for their morning or evening fake news programs (Morning Edition and All Things Considered) and then post a transcript of the feature the next day on their website, NPR.org.

Every time I listen to them, any given feature will have just too much in it to comment on in my subsequent rapid-response “NPR Watch” features. I’m forced to cherry-pick the quote or quotes that inspired the NPR Watch feature for that day. That means that I’m forced likewise to leave out some choice material.

If I wait a day, and comment on the published transcript, then I can take my time to react to a piece and be more thorough. I’m liking the idea. We might make it a multi-media feature. The problem: several of us who are the most qualified to do any audio segments have very recognizable voices, and that might be a problem for our much-cherished anonymity.

Keep your eyes — and maybe ears — open.

— xPraetorius

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