The Great Victory of the Left

Bottom Line: Look out… the ride is only going to get bumpier. And if we don’t fix it, turn it around, and take it the other way, until we get rid of political correctness altogether and the rest of the leftist monstrosity that has infected America … we — the entire world — are doomed.

I was listening to a public radio station on my way from having dropped my son off at sports practice. The show was called “American Roots” and it’s generally about blues/folk/bluegrass musicians of the past.

During this episode, there was a heavy emphasis on the “protest music” of the sixties. The words were all the ones you remember. All about freedom and rights and peace and love. And you remember, of course, “make love, not war.

One thinks of people like Pete Seeger, the vile old Stalinist, and Peter, Paul and Mary crooning about things like “the hammer of justice” and “hammering out warning,” and “hammering out love between my brother and my sister,” and “the song of love,” and “the bell of freedom,” and all that. Justice. Love. Freedom. Sounds nice.

But, warning — that’s not at all what the performers were all about.

This co-opting of the language of peace, friendship and love, all while supporting an ideology — socialism — that’s perfectly antithetical to all that, is one of the great victories of the American left.

Socialism is an economic doctrine concerned with supplying the government with power over an enslaved, dispossessed population. Under socialism, the people can have all the love they want… just so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the government’s ends. “Freedom,” however, is not to be in the picture for them under socialism. And “justice” is whatever the state defines it to be. Historically, “justice” under socialism has meant: “get in the way, and get punished,” frequently with an early death.

Now, of course, the left speak this “opposite-talk” as if they’ve been doing it all their lives. Which, it’s entirely possible, they have.

Hillary Clinton will get up on stage this week at the freak show known as the Democrat Party’s National Convention, and she’ll talk lovingly of the glories of competition in a free and unencumbered marketplace, all while her real inclination is to strangle the free market with regulation. Then she’ll talk about “free choice” and “free speech,” all while she’ll do everything in her power to throttle all that. She’ll talk about “compassion,” when her policies will always, always, always result in … death. The death of a baby, the death, now, of old people(1), the death of the sick and infirm (under the grotesquerie that is Obamacare). She’ll talk about her love for “justice,” which will mean rigging the courts system to bring about the outcomes she believes will best support her political inclination.

These are the thoughts and acts of totalitarians. Hillary Clinton and her ilk are power-mad totalitarians.

Here are some other great victories of the left:

  • The hijacking of academia, and the squelching of any dissent.
  • The hijacking of the media, and the squelching of any dissent.
  • The hijacking of pop culture, and the squelching of any dissent.
  • The population of key government agencies with lawless, unaccountable goons who are  concerned with squelching any dissent from leftism. Think of the IRS, for example. The EPA and the Department of Education are two others. Of course, the most egregious example is the “Department of Justice,” now so thoroughly corrupted that it name requires scare quotes around it..

Yet, here’s the  conundrum: We’ve echoed Margaret Thatcher’s words: “the facts of life are  Conservative.” And we tacked on the corollary observation: “But society’s white noise is all leftist.” So, answer this:  why has it taken so long for the left to take complete control over everything? I mean, this has been going on all my life! And I’m more than half a century old!

Well, to that point, here’s my observation: I think the left has seen that their advances have reached a critical mass, and they feel confident that they can push harder than ever to consolidate, and make their control over the actions, finances and thinking of the people permanent. I think you’ll see this in the increasing demonization of Conservatives and Republicans in this election cycle. You’ll see it in the increase of regulations and rules governing your behavior in and out of work, governing your speech — what you say and do and when and where you say and do it, and in doing their best to control your thinking.

You’ll see it in the rapid increase in efforts to squelch unregulated speech — like this blog and others — all in the name of “fairness” of course.

The groundwork for this kind of totalitarian squashing of the right to dissent is already in place. Remember: there are “hate crimes” out there. These are crimes committed for “the wrong reason.” As if there is somehow a right reason, or a better reason to commit a crime than some other reason. But, yet the absolutely nonsensical concept of a “hate crime(2) is out there.

Look out… the ride is only going to get bumpier. And if we don’t fix it, turn it around, and take it the other way, until we get rid of political correctness altogether and the rest of the leftist monstrosity that has infected America … we — the entire world — are doomed.

— xPraetorius


(1) Once the gender weirdism nutballs have had their day in the sun, then the “Right to die with dignity” — really: the right to kill old and sick people — ghouls will have their day. The movement is growing quickly here now, and is already solidly ensconced in Europe. needless to say, they’ve already encased in soft, gauzy words like “compassion,” and “dignity,” and “rights” the idea of exterminating a human being.

This guy, an Englishman, already supports killing the old and the sick … “with appropriate controls,” of course! Because people given ultimate power over life and death are so easy to control. I mean, who would ever abuse such a power?

Let’s face it, the “Death with dignity” movement is concerned with only one thing: getting the inconveniently old or the expensively sick out of the way of the living. Nothing more than that.

(2) As opposed, I guess, to a “love crime.” You know, a crime you commit because you love the victim? That kind of crime.


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