Power to the People (101)

Bottom Line: In America today, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of power is concentrated in the hands of the government. Therefore if you wish to give power to the people, then, by definition, you must take it from the government. Again, by definition: if you want the people to have more power, then you must do whatever it will take to ensure that the government has less power. Period.

Here’s a brief, basic lesson in understanding “power.” By this, I mean: “political power.” It’s the “power” being referred to by those who take to the streets and start chanting things like, “Power to the people!” over and over and over again.

To understand power properly, we’ll examine that common catchphrase a bit.

How would you set about actually to deliver “power to the people?”

Well, first off, you have to have some idea about what “powerreally means. And that’s fairly simple. Here’s a part of what Wikipedia says about it (here):

In social science and politics, power is the ability to influence or outright control the behavior of people. The term “authority” is often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure. Power can be seen as evil or unjust, but the exercise of power is accepted as endemic to humans as social beings

Okay. I’ll go along with that. Let’s use it for our purposes here.

Without getting too, too deep here, it’s necessary to understand also that power is, generally, binary. If you have it in a certain context, then someone else does not. And vice versa.  And in order for the “have nots” to have it, they must take it from the “haves.” Or the “haves” must cede it to the “have nots.”

So — two things to understand about power:

  1. Power represents control over other people, and
  2. Power is “binary.” In order for you to possess it, someone else can not have it.

Now, that we have kind of an understanding — at a very high level — of power, here’s what you must understand if you are going to deliver it “to the people“: you must take it from whoever has it, and then give it to the people, who don’t have it.

Therefore, by definition, the people screaming “Power to the people!” are really shouting a thorougly Conservative slogan!

They may consider themselves leftists, but they’re shouting a very, very Conservative message. In America today, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of power is concentrated in the hands of the government. Therefore if you wish to give power to the people, then, by definition, you must take it from the government.(1)

Again, by definition: if you want the people to have more power, then you must do whatever it will take to ensure that the government has less power. Period.

Pure and simple. There’s no escaping the conclusion.

Which party is suggesting that you and I should support the idea of “reducing the size, scope, reach and power of the government?” Hmmmm…? Which political tendency in America supports this very grand notion of actually delivering power to the people? Is it Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and their ilk?

Ummmmm… no.

“But, but, but,” I hear you say, “they’re — Hillary and Bernie — going to take all that money — and money is power — from all those nasty-wasty billionaires who are getting rich and powerful off our labors!”


First: billionaires are part of “the people.” If the Hillaries and Bernies of the world can dispossess the billionaires, then they can dispossess you and me. Why would you grant to anyone that power?

Second: yes, the Hillaries and the Bernie Sanderses of the world do plan to dispossess the rich of their money and power, but do you really think that they then will turn that money and power over to you? How, pray tell, would they do that?

Even if you consider all those nasty-wasty billionaires to be really bad people(2), how would the government make you and me any better off by taking their money and power? Or, more to the point, how would the government, once they had taken it, turn the billionaires’ power over to you and me?


Go ahead and answer the question if you can. Bernie and Hillary can’t. And they won’t if you were to ask them. Because they don’t have any answer except one that involves concentrating even more power in the hands of the government in which they intend to occupy positions of power.

All that would happen, after the government takes all the billionaires’ money and power, is that you’d be even more powerless than before. Do you really want to elect people to the government whose main preoccupation is to take even more power for themselves, by grabbing what little power you have? Really?

Here’s what you need to do if you want to give power to the people: You have to take it from the places where there is power. You have to take it from the government and give it to the people.

Fortunately, there is a way to do that: you must insist of your political candidates that they support a massive reduction in the size, scope and reach of the government. If you do that, then that power will go somewhere.

You must insist that it go to the people by requiring these same candidates to support (1) the abolition of vast quantities of onerous regulations, (2) a huge and permanent reduction in taxes, with (3) a constitutional, and low, ceiling on tax rates (4) a near complete reduction in the ability of the government to spy on you and me, and (5) the elimination of the government from widespread areas of life where it has come in and distorted the market so much that it has nearly destroyed them, eg: health care, college, primary school education.

Do all that, and you will, indeed, have brought about the delivery of real power to the people.

— xPraetorius


(1) The ones shouting “Power to the people!” don’t really mean it. They are leftists, who really mean: “Power to the government, and when the government has all that power, I hope they’ll take care of me.” That’s all. “Power to the people” is a leftist slogan because it’s a lie, and The Big Lie, in all its many forms, is the foundation of the American leftist ideology and its vision for America. “Power to the people,” properly understood, is a very, very right-wing concept.

(2) Many billionairess are really bad people, because many of them, possibly the majority, are leftists. They’re a complicated lot, though, because I’m pretty sure that the visibly leftist ones — Gates, Buffett, et al — understand that if they were to get their political way, then the resulting government would take all or most of what they’ve earned from them. I suspect that these people are much more nuanced leftists. They probably spout the leftist platitudes, because they think they have to, in order to keep the “Justice Department” wolf away from their door, or some such. However, our policy here is to take a man or woman at his word. The billionaires say they’re leftists, so we believe them when they confess openly to being really bad people.

The point: it’s still a moral abomination on the part of the government to dispossess these bad people — or any people — of what they’re legally earned. Period.


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