MORE Dirty Hillary

Here’s the DrudgeReport headline (7-24-16):


It’s actually four separate headlines, with four separate links.

We coined the phrase: “Dirty Hillary,” which the Trump campaign turned into “Crooked Hillary.” “Dirty Hillary” is better, more descriptive, but “Crooked Hillary” is probably more media-friendly.

We’ve been making the case for a very long time that the Democrat Party is riddled with corruption. We’ve made the point, with all sorts of evidence, hundreds of different ways in dozens of different posts.

A point we haven’t made is, possibly, the most obvious one. Yes, Hillary is shafting the country, and Conservatives(1), and Republicans, you and me, but she’ll also shaft anyone else — even those on her political side — who might for whatever reason stand in her way.

Look, Bernie Sanders is a blithering idiot, but at the moment he’s the left’s blithering idiot, so he bothers them first, before he can help ruin things for everyone else. Since he’s irritating the Democrats now, who would actually be surprised that Dirty Hillary would unleash against Sanders the same filth and sludge that she intends to dump on Trump — and on you and me — when she becomes President?

In these pages, we’ve said that the left always turns on its own first. That’s because the leadership of the left is populated exclusively by power-mad megalomaniacs. That being the case, if one of them appears to be headed to the top, then the rest of the gang will try to climb over her and get there himself. That’s Bernie Sanders and his brain-dead minions.

Why wouldn’t Hillary unleash against Sanders the very same tactics that have always worked for her as she’s lied, deceived, cheated, sleazed and slimed her way to the top?

— xPraetorius


(1) She insisted, along with the rest of the Democrat leadership, that the worst abuse of Americans’ civil rights in American history, the ongoing suppression of free speech by the IRS … was just fine with her. She made no denial when Barack Obama insisted — on national television — that there was not even a smidgen of corruption involved in the IRS crimes.

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