Another Musical Selection – The Town I Loved So Well

As you know, I’m a great, great music lover. My current enthusiasm is for Irish folk music, and I love this song. It’s not a traditional Irish folk song — composed by Phil Coulter, it dates only from 1973 — but definitely in that great and wonderful tradition.

I do it pretty well, but there are lots of really good recordings of it on YouTube. The above-linked recording is my favorite. However, this one is a great one too.

You can’t go wrong with the Irish Tenors!

What I really like about this song is that it’s a great one for a band — first link — or it works just fine in a solo act like mine.

A haunting melody, with an engaging tale, and a political end. Kind of a bleak ending, but what a melody! A great song!

— xPraetorius



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