Evil Ascendant?

Some thoughts — kind of rambling, but in a larger, less-focused scope than usual — about the recent and not so recent…

  • You know who was the happiest to hear about the police-involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana? Hillary Clinton and her Democrat party leadership. FBI Director James Comey had thoroughly laid out the case that Hillary’s completely corrupt. That’s all  in the rear-view mirror now, though, as far as the media are concerned.
  • If it turns out that the Baton Rouge cop-murderer was a member of “the Nation of Islam,” as the rumors indicate, then the blood of the slain police officers is on Hillary’s hands as well as those of Barack Obama. It’s their foreign policy, after all, that has allowed the primitive death cult of Islam to thrive and prosper worldwide. Yes, George W. Bush gets some of that blame as well.
  • No matter what, the killer was a racist dirtbag, whose racial animus was fueled at least in part by the sheer stupidity of President Obama, who never encountered an unfortunate incident between a black and white person that he couldn’t immediately leap to idiotic, race-baiting, racial tension-inducing conclusions about.
  • Switching gears: Event after event after event, combined with stupid decision after stupid decision after stupid decision, led to the triumph of Donald Trump in the Republican primaries. If the now famous “undercard” of second-tier candidates had dropped out a lot earlier, then Republicans might have coalesced around a non-Trump candidate. Might have. There is much to indicate that Trump is a completely logical end-product of the times and conditions brought about in large part by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton … as well as the above-mentioned events and decisions.
  • It seems equally likely that a really weird confluence of events — the odds against which should be astronomical — came together to produce the outcome of Trump at the top of the Republican Party.
  • Remember this one well: I recall 1979 and 1980. The press was saying all the same things about Ronald Reagan that they’re now saying about Trump. Lots of Republicans were saying the same things too. I bought it at the time. I worried, as the press and Republicans were telling us all, that Reagan would come to the Oval Office and immediately bring about a nuclear conflagration. Reagan went on to become arguably the greatest American President of the Twentieth Century. Certainly, he’s in the top five with people like Lincoln and Washington. He might be in third place overall.
  • This time now, the period we’re living in, is one of those historical “inflection points.” A time when events are all coming together, twisting and turning and colliding to produce some kind of great — meaning really big — change.
  • This is true of all turns of centuries. They’re always full of turmoil and always represent inflection points. We didn’t turn over only a century sixteen years ago, but a millennium. In these pages, we said: “Look out! This is going to be turbulent.”
  • Switching gears again: The intellectual bankruptcy of the Democrat Party is evident in their embrace of two nearly meaningless concepts: “hope and change.” Change is great — if, and only if, it’s good change. Anyone can change things; the trick is to improve things. “Hope” is great, but it’s nothing more than a great yearning for good change. Hope, absent some well-understood, logical elucidation of the change envisioned — and agreement as to why that change is actually good — is … worse than worthless.
  • Hillary Clinton is, deservedly, the weakest Democrat Presidential candidate since George McGovern in 1972, who lost in a massive landslide. Yet, time and again, the above-mentioned events and decisions conspired to bring to the top of the Republican Party … Donald Trump of all people. That happened in 2008 and 2012 as well. Weirdly-timed events over and over and over again brought about the election, then re-election, of the most feeble, least-prepared, the most corrupt, probably the dumbest President in American history.
  • Switching gears yet again: You know the term “Dummies?” It’s taken  on a meaning of “someone who doesn’t know a lot about a certain subject.” That idea is behind the successful publishing series: “[Something or Other] for ‘Dummies’.” Americans are democracy Dummies. In a land of informed voters, there would be no way that Hillary Clinton, or for that matter anyone in the Democrat Party leadership, would occupy any position of prominence today. An informed citizenry is the nightmare of the Democrat Party. They crave, encourage, beg for, produce … dummies. How many times will we have to see some feature or other showing how ignorant  supposedly “educated” people are about fundamental requirements of democracy before we recognize this?
  • It’s possible that in no country in the world is the responsibility to be informed, to be constructively engaged, so vital, and yet taken so lightly. That’s how scoundrels, perverts, thieves, criminals, liars, the limitlessly power-mad and corrupt, are today honored and respected members of the leadership of this country’s ascendant political party, the Democrats.
  • Returning to a previous topic of this post: Three more cops are dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There are a lot of people who are happy about that. They are the very numerous racists of the left. Racism’s real home in America is on the political left. We’ve debated them, and trounced them, from time to time in these pages. We always rout them because they’re intellectually and morally bankrupt. They always end up by banning us at their pages. No small wonder. They always come out of a debate with us looking dirty and ugly.
  • At this site here, and in this one here, the commenters openly fantasized about the violent death of all white people, and the “moderator” of the blog either actually supported the sentiment, or remained, at best, silent on it. In several exchanges with these commenters, I challenged them, proposing a hypothetical in which a genie would, on their command, wipe out all white people. I asked them whether they would — or rather, whether black people would — issue that command. Not a one of them. Not a single, solitary one, stepped forward to defend his or her race to insist that they were not genocidal maniacs. That astonished me. I thought that would prove to be an awkward moment for them. I gather it wasn’t. I’m figuring that most of them actually wished they could be the ones to issue the command to wipe out all white people.
  • In another section of that same exchange, I reversed the hypothetical and posited a genie who would wipe out all black or brown people on a command issued by a majority of white people. Then I asked whether anyone thought that white people would vote to issue that command. Then I answered my own question. I said that, no, white people in the vast, overwhelming majority — greater than 95% — would reject the psychotic, genocidal urge to wipe out all black people. I said that it wouldn’t even be close.

I’ll have more thoughts later on all this. For the moment, though, the title of this post seems apropos. When you look at the confluence of all events in recent history, it’s hard to conclude otherwise. Some point to today’s goings-on and suggest that it’s 1968 all over again. I fear it’s worse. Something like 1968 and 1938 all over again.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Evil Ascendant?

  1. [Something like 1968 and 1938 all over again.]
    Indeed. Ever read up on the years leading into the Spanish Civil War?
    Sometimes it feels almost like it is approaching that now – but then again I might be an alarmist (?)

    What do you think?

  2. Desdi: I’m REALLY sorry I missed this! I agree with you! There are so many parallels between today and the days before the Fascists took over so much of Europe that it, truly, is not funny.

    Thank you for this post, and again, my apologies for being so late (three years!) in replying!


    — x

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