Black Lives Matter — Frauds (proof below)

We like to do things a bit differently here. We prefer not to trot out statistics and anecdotes to make our points. There are usually things right out there that indicate how things are. Societal indicators on which we can all agree. We use things like that in what we call little “thought exercises” to encourage you to think about your beliefs from different perspectives. We’ve done that below to prove pretty conclusively that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is … a fraud.

Look… Black lives do matter. No one needs to say it. Everyone knows it. However, black lives do not matter to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. If they did, then they would do something about, well … black lives.

Black people are killing black people at a furious rate. Thousands each year. You could use the word “slaughter” without being accused of hyperbole.

Yet, what does the “Black Lives Matter” movement list as its bill of particulars against so-called “white supremacist America?”

Item 1: Black men are being gunned down or killed at a furious rate by the police. Yet, they can name … a few. In the past ten years. We know the names: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown… that’s going back three years. Hundreds of times more white men have been killed in police-involved shootings during that time.

Name one. Just one. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Item 2: the Trayvon Martin thing. Oops. A non-white person — Hispanic George Zimmerman — killed Martin. It was found that Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

Item 3: There’s some nebulous, ethereal, abstract, deep, deep-down psychological thing called “White Supremacy” that white people are using to keep black people down.


How then, pray tell, are we all inundated every day by black people whining about “white supremacy,” then? Shouldn’t the white supremacist people be, you know, keepin’ ’em down? Shuttin’ ’em up? How is it that these black whiners are all over the air waves in every possible medium, saturating the media with their whining about how horrible it all is here?

Are you having any difficulties finding the message that white people oppress black people anywhere?

Think back to your history of Nazi Germany. Back then, there was real oppression of Jewish people. Serious oppression. It was true that, as a Jew, you took your life in your hands just walking the streets. Do you think that during that time the Nazi authorities allowed any Jews to take to the media of the time and protest? Nope. How about in the Soviet Union? How about in Red China?

Guess what, Black Lives Matters morons: If you’re perfectly free to protest to your heart’s content, anywhere you want, anytime you want, to whomever you please, then you are not oppressed. At least not by anyone outside of yourself. It’s one of those paradoxes you’ll have to figure out.

I’ve figured it out: whenever I wanted to blame someone else for my own failings, I needed to look first at myself. There. That’s just about it in America today.

The murderer of three policemen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — one Gavin Long — had made quite a reputation for himself as an internet commentator. Guess what he was all on about all the time. Yep. You guessed it. White people oppressing black people.

What a freakin’ moron.

Here are some inescapable truths about life:

  • If you can whine about “your oppression,” at great length, and even gather a following, and whine some more, and even some more, at the top of your lungs, where your whining then can be broadcast over national media after you’ve murdered three policemen(1) then You. Were. Never. Oppressed. In. The. First. Place. Your oppression is imaginary. Or, worse: it’s self-imposed.
  • If there are many, many, many members of your group, from all walks of life, in positions of prominence, wealth and power, then your group is not oppressed.
  • If members of your group can escape poverty or obscurity with nothing more than reasonable efforts — get an education (free for black people if they want it), present yourself well, learn to speak well, work hard, get along well with others — then you are not oppressed. These are the basics that all societies suggest you should do to prosper in them.

Now, let’s see how black people fare against those inescapable truths:

  • Are they free to whine about their “oppression?” Uhhhh… ya freakin’ think?!? Boy can they ever! Then, that “oppression” is imaginary.
  • Are there many, many, many black people, from all walks of life, in positions power, wealth and prominence? Yup. Many, many, many.
  • Can black people escape poverty or obscurity with nothing more than reasonable efforts, such as those outlined in bullet #3, above? Of course they can. And, as mentioned above in that same bullet, they can receive a free education if they so choose, and then go on from there to lives of prosperity that billions of people around the world can only dream of.

As has been mentioned in these pages, right now the “Black Lives Matter” movement is nothing more than a brainless parasite of the larger Race Grievance Industry, which is filled with brainless people who make handsome livings whining about how it’s impossible to earn a handsome living in America. They’re living, breathing, walking and talking — and talking, and talking, and talking, and talking, and talking, and talking — contradictions of their own message. So, if they’re actually frauds, what is it that they really want?

Simple: they want (1) free stuff, (2) revenge for past slights, (3) intellectual and emotional validation, and finally (4) plenty of excuses for failure.

This may all seem harsh, but it’s not. The truth is sometimes harsh, and I’m a black American who can say the above things without worrying that some nitwit moron of a race hustler can accuse me of being a “racist.” I pray to God that one day soon, white people will realize that they need to say the same things that I’ve said above.

— FreeThinker(2)


(1) National Public radio (of course) this morning, broadcast a number of snippets from Long’s lunatic rantings on Youtube.

(2) FreeThinker joined our small but increasingly influential think tank last year. She took a hiatus to join the campaign of a prominent office seeker, and has now returned to our pages. We welcome her back with open arms and gratitude. She’s a fiery, opinionated, intelligent writer, and we love to read her output!


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