How Unspeakably Sad…

How unspeakably sad to have penned a “Happy Birthday, France” post (here) yesterday in the morning, and to learn later that same night that yet another gibbering islamist baboon had murdered scores more people, yet again, in France.

These murdered people are the very concrete result of the idiotic, feeble, pathetic excuse for a foreign policy of Barack Obama, and of one of its principal architects, Hillary Clinton(1).

There are now how many thousands of people around the world, and especially in France — all victims of horrific crimes against humanity committed by scores of gibbering islamist baboons(2) — who, like us here, are posing to themselves the same question: “Can you tell me again…why again was it so important to elect a black President, as opposed to a good one?”

— xPraetorius


(1) Will the Republicans have the courage to point out that Hillary Clinton was one of the principal architects of the Obama foreign policy, the results of which threaten the lives of hundreds of millions throughout the world? Remember: before this Islam problem gets worked out and is deservedly consigned to the ashbin of history, millions more will die. Their blood is on Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s hands.

(2) An online friend refers to these slope-headed, slack-jawed primitives as “orcs,” after the brainless, deformed, mindlessly violent monsters in the J.R.R. Tolkein “Lord of the Ring” books. That — the term “orc” — strikes me as appropriate.


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