NPR Watch – 7-12-16 — Is The Left REALLY That Stupid?

Bottom Line: Add up everything these dim-witted, knuckle-dragging, gape-jawed, drooling clodpoles know about life, history and human nature, and put it in a coffee mug, and you’d still have plenty of room for cream and sugar. So, this is kind of a dual feature today. It’s an “NPR Watch,” but it’s also an “Is The Left Really That Stupid?” feature.

Listening to National Public Radio (NPR) this morning on the way to work. I swear, they treat the gawrshawfullest, stupidest things as “news,” or as “deep analysis.”

They were in a swing county in a swing state talking to supposedly swing voters. Needless to say, they got mostly perspectives from Democrats. NPR reporters’ skin crawls, and they start sneezing and their eyes start watering in the presence of Conservatives, Republicans, or logical thinking.

Needless to say, the reporter found a women’s group in which to solicit comments. On came a woman identified as a Democrat, who said: “Can’t we all at least agree that this inability to do anything in the Senate and the House of Representatives is a really bad thing?”

What an opportunity!!! Missed again.

There were, apparently, Republicans in the group, but none of them quick enough on her feet to give the correct response to this half-witted cri de coeur: “No. Doing nothing is way, way better than doing the wrong things, or doing stupid things, which they seem to be mostly doing. No, much better that they just do nothing at all.”

How sweet would it have been to hear all those jaws drop to the floor, faced with actual thinking?!?(1)

Then, on came another woman — again identified as a Democrat — who said something to the effect of: “I just hate all the bickering! I’m just so tired of it. I’m done. I’m just done.”

My comment: then go home and putter around in the kitchen. Democracy is about disagreement. It’s supposed to represent a framework within which people can disagree, and those conflicting ideas can be aired  and hashed over by their most articulate supporters, and the country can vote on which side wins. If those ideas pertain to important things, then chances are the disagreements will be occasionally vociferous.

Read it well: the only way for there to be no disagreement is for whatever conclusions to be imposed from above. We call that “dictatorship,” or “totalitarianism.”

Don’t like bickering? Then go home, you idiot, and let others decide your life for you, without your input.

Notice how the only ones deciding that we should all just agree are the left. Their real thought is: “Everyone should agree with me.”

I used to have that state-of-mind too… when I was eleven or so. Then I outgrew it when I understood that no one man or woman holds all truth in the political arena.

Frankly I love the bickering. It means that people still are free to disagree. In the system that the left seems increasingly desirous of establishing, there will be no disagreement. At least no public disagreement. Disagree all you want, but shut up and keep it to yourself.

Heck, if there’s bickering, that means that there are leftists out and about with whom I can mop up the floor. Because when I bicker with them … leftists get solidly and soundly spanked. 🙂 Let’s face it: the American left is ummm … a “target-rich environment” a “fish-in-the-barrel” kind of experience, for anyone with any analytical skills or ability to engage in critical thinking.

Do not kid yourself. This whole “Can’t we all at least agree on [fill in thing that seems agreeable, but really isn’t here]?” and “I hate all the bickering,” are part of a much larger totalitarian mindset on the part of the left. The left is about grabbing, consolidating and keeping power; about controlling the people — you and me. Oh, and shutting you and me up.

For our own good, of course.

Whether it’s to control the food we eat, or the way we get to work, or how and where we spend the fruits of our labors, where we live, shop, socialize, the left wants to control all that and more.

We saw it ever so clearly in its embrace of Bernie Sanders the whack-a-doodle lunatic from Vermont, much beloved of the uneducated, the poorly educated, the ignorant, the uninformed and the ill-informed. You know, college students. People who can’t find Florida on a map of Florida. That’s a Bernie Sanders supporter. And there are lots of them.

Add up everything these dim-witted, knuckle-dragging, gape-jawed, drooling clodpoles know about life, history, human nature, and put it in a coffee mug, and you’d still have plenty of room for cream and sugar.

So, this is kind of a dual feature today. It’s an “NPR Watch,” but it’s also an “Is The Left Really That Stupid?” feature.

Yes. They are. Really that stupid, that is.

— xPraetorius


(1) Needless to say, NPR wouldn’t have aired it though. It would have represented actual thinking, and a real point-of-view. Something that triggers those aforementioned NPR allergies.


2 thoughts on “NPR Watch – 7-12-16 — Is The Left REALLY That Stupid?

  1. Excellent points. OF COURSE we want disagreement! Whenever I hear someone complain about lack of civility in gov’t, I know two things about that person: 1. He slept through all civics classes and doesn’t even understand what type of gov’t we are supposed to have here in the U.S; 2. He cares more about what kind of person he thinks he is than he does about the state of the nation. He wants to think he’s a balanced, thoughtful, above-the-fray kind of person, you know–superior.

    Two parties/sides competing in the public sphere for their respective perspectives about how a nation ought to be governed is a great thing. What has made it so ugly and dangerous at the present moment can be laid at the doorstep of one tribe and its community organizer POTUS. His “leadership” has granted implicit and explicit permission to all the worst and most radical, the most destructive and the dumbest special interest groups in the land. Permission to push forward their agendas by fair means or foul, but almost exclusively foul.

    1. Well said, MB! The left is convinced that out of conflict will arise victory for their side, whether it’s through force or intimidation. That’s why they always choose those two tactics so quickly.

      Their “argumentation,” if such it can be called, folds so quickly under any level of scrutiny, that they need quick resort to strong-arm, or shout-down tactics.

      We on the right then tend to give in, thereby giving the appearance that they’ve carried the day.

      That’s why I love the on-line forums. Less opportunity to intimidate someone who’s miles and miles away, and isn’t standing for any of the nonsense tactics.


      — x

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