Holy Mackerel! Watch This!

Ummmmm… Wow!

Some key passages:

  • I understand, we need to move beyond color…
  • We (black people) got a problem.
  • You can’t train him (the black man) to understand the world, he doesn’t know.
  • I’m telling you, there’s not two cents worth of difference between a mass murderer … there’s not two cents worth of difference between a petty thief that’s locked away in prison and a black doctor, when it comes to understanding the world.
  • Black people had Africa, that big old continent over there, they never built one boat that was seaworthy, not one.
  • There are no great cities that were built. even before the first colonization of white people.
  • Black men built nothing, no sewer system, no houses above one level, and none of them made out of stone, all of them made out of grass and wood.
  • The worst thing they could have done to South Africa was to give it to Nelson Mandela and black folk. Disease, AIDS and crime is running wild in Johannesburg.
  • Black folk don’t know how to run no nation! They don’t know how. And we need to admit it, and we need to stop shucking and jiving.
  • In Nigeria, they’re producing oil and every year the children are running around and they’re hungry and pot-bellied, we got a problem!
  • Look at what y’all have done to Harlem! You can’t even hold onto Harlem!
  • You can get mad with me all you want, but you can’t prove me wrong!
  • Now, I’m not saying all this because I hate black folk. I’m saying it because I love you enough to tell the truth.
  • There’s something wrong with the black man’s mind! There’s something wrong with his mind! He doesn’t understand the world. He doesn’t.
  • Let me tell you something, we’re not gonna ever get anywhere until we look into the mind of a black man. He doesn’t think correctly. I don’t care what he is. He can be a doctor, he can be an astrophysicist, the ni**er ain’t got no sense.
  • You talk to him. You talk to a black man. He doesn’t understand the world. He’s never built anything.
  • The most the black people have ever done, they did it here in America under white people’s help. When they were in Africa, they didn’t do nothing.



I guess there are people out there — black people — who have some (not all) perspectives like those here at our small but increasingly influential think tank!

And we say what we say, not because we hate black people, but because we love black people. Black Americans. Our brothers and sisters. Beloved brothers and sisters.

And, yes, they have problems. Serious problems. So, we have problems. Serious problems.

— xPraetorius


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