Hillary Capone Skates Again

Just a few quick observations.

  • We predicted that she’d skate, and we were right.
  • If you or I had committed what FBI Director James Comey said Hillary had committed, we’d have been in jail long ago.
  • America’s new crime bosses, the mobsters and gangsters, are the leadership of the Democrat Party.
  • The Drudgereport headline today is: LAWS ARE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE. Yep. That about says it.
  • Let’s see if we can remember some of the immediate run-up to Comey’s idiotic finding:
    • Bill Clinton meets with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of a Southwestern airport.
    • We say, in these pages, that that very meeting shows that the fix for Hillary is in.
    • Hillary Clinton hints that she might keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General.
    • James Comey says — completely inexplicably, and despite laying out a persuasive case for indictment — that there appears to him to be no reason to indict Hillary Clinton.
    • Or: the fix is in.
  • I’m spending day after day, dodging projectiles hurled with nefarious intent, trying to make/keep the world safe for democracy … for this?!?
  • In an interesting twist, this might actually not pay off for Dirty Hillary. After all, this stench of corruption is now spread all around, and not so centered on her Hillariness.
  • Think of it: James Comey goes out there and lays out an absolutely compelling case to indict her, and then says that no reasonable prosecutor would. That could have been language meant to box in Loretta Lynch. It was as damning as it could be, and a lawyer knows Comey’s “no obvious intent” dodge doesn’t excuse anyone from criminal liability whatsoever.
  • It’s possible that Loretta Lynch is boxed in. Comey’s non-indictement press conference statement, was really an indictment speech. Comey’s not a prosecutor, so his opinion about “reasonable prosecutors” is meaningless.
  • This is not a good result for Hillary in the view of history. Comey as much as said she’s incompetent, stupid and a criminal, but that he wouldn’t put her in jail. The sub-text is that there’s no reason whatsoever to put her in the White House either.
  • Can you imagine the press reaction if Trump were to be excused for the same thing?

— xPraetorius


5 thoughts on “Hillary Capone Skates Again

  1. Another good one: “this stench of corruption.”

    Yes, it’s spread to the Attorney General, the President and the Director of the FBI. Unlike you, x I’m a fan of Trump’s. I think he can do a lot of good things and has already done a lot of good things, like telling the media to go stick it. THAT should have been done a very long time ago.

  2. @viewer: All Republicans, and Trump, are in agreement in this one. Hillary and her henchmen got away with what would have sent you or me away for years!

    Then she lied and lied and lied and lied again about it. Which if you consider all the other flat-out falsehoods in her long, ugly career, all makes Richard Nixon look like an Eagle Scout.

    Yet, there she is, telling everyone how grateful she is that “it’s all behind her now.”

    The Republicans and Trump should be hanging all her obvious lies, as well as her crimes, like a big, stinking, slimy, rotting, putrescent carcass around her neck, and around the necks of the entire Democrat Party, all its candidates and its leadership.

    I could make a thousand television/radio commercials saying just that, and wouldn’t have to repeat myself once.

    Remember, if you or I had done only a tiny bit of what everyone knows Hillary did, then being thoroughly disqualified from ever holding any public office whatsoever would be the very least of our worries.


    — x

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