This Guy Again! GREAT Unknown Guitarist

Above is a link to a joyful romp into the delightful world of guitar jam tunes!

It’s Alan Miner again — the guy I’m dubbing “The Greatest Guitarist No One’s Ever Heard Of” and he’s apparently playing with a looper, a Mandocello and what he describes as an “OFC II custom 2080.

Now, I happen to know a bit about that particular guitar, because I own a stock Adamas 2080 guitar. It’s a wonderful guitar, with a great sound and a neck that re-defines the word “playability.”

The entire recording consists of someone — Miner himself? The description doesn’t give you enough information as to who it is — laying down a nice bass riff, with Miner soloing above it. The reason I think this is all Miner, is that he mentions having used a looper. A looper is a tool of a solo act. It “loops” a recording over and over again, as if it were playing the role of rhythm instrument, for as long as you tell it to. It’s a way to seem like several players, while being a solo act.

Yes, I have a looper too. 🙂

That would mean, most likely, that Miner laid down the particularly tasty bass line on a Mandocello himself, as he mentions in the video’s description, then soloed above it.

The above-linked recording is four minutes and thirteen seconds of ethereal, guitar-jammin’ fun! It’s a long thrill ride with a great guitarist, just loving playing his guitar. You owe it to yourself to listen to it.

Now, I should mention that we found this guy some years back. Here, for example. That was way back in 2013, more than three years ago. Today, the above-linked recording has … 436 measly views. That means that three years ago, it had fewer than that even!

I really like this guy’s playing, but he apparently couldn’t promote himself out of a wet paper bag!  Shame. This guy should be playing out and about and making a nice living at it.

— xPraetorius

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