This Guy Again! GREAT Unknown Guitarist (Part V)

Same guy! The Greatest Guitarist No One’s Ever Heard Of. Below is a link to a recording of his called “Tropical Breezes.”

The song name is right on the button.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself under a swaying palm tree, with the sun setting across the azure sea, as another day in paradise draws to a close. This song evokes that entirely!

It’s just too pretty, too upbeat and sweet-sounding to have been around on Youtube for almost six years, and have a pathetic … 337 views. But, that’s the way it is!

I think I should mention that there is precedent for the phrase “Greatest Guitarist No One’s Ever Heard Of.”

Below is an absolutely delightful recording by the wonderful John Champion, aka, according to the poster, “World’s Greatest Unknown Guitar Player


You’ll note that he has some nearly 125,000 views! Yes, he’s good. Really good. And he deserves every single last one of those views… in fact he deserves 100 times more views!

So does the above-linked Miner dude.

— xPraetorius




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