This Guy Again! GREAT Unknown Guitarist (Part IV)

Here’s another one by the guy — Alan Miner — whom we’ve called “The Greatest Guitarist No One’s Ever Heard Of.” This one’s called “Calm Seas Following Winds.”

Like its title, this recording  will strip the cares of the day away and consign them gently to the past. That’s nice, really nice, after a long, hard day at work.

Wow, this is a gorgeous piece of music! Again the description in the video is woefully inadequate, but it appears that Miner is playing all the parts again, as he credits only himself in the description.

You can just picture someone on his sailing vessel, in a chair, as a glorious twilight sunset spreads across the sea as far as the eye can see. The guitarist has furled the sails for the night, and is serenading the setting sun. His dancing, cavorting, whimsical, calming guitar, and the waves lapping against the boat are the only sounds.

Like all his other recordings, this one’s been on Youtube for almost five years, and has all of 265 views.


While I like having this guy’s output strictly to myself, I hope he doesn’t get discouraged. And, as if to underscore that remark, I haven’t seen anything from him on Youtube in several years.

I hope that means that he’s simply taken a lengthy vacation from producing these wonderful videos.

— xPraetorius

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