This Guy Again! GREAT Unknown Guitarist (Part III)

And here’s yet another one by this Alan Miner guy, whom we’ve dubbed, “The Greatest Guitarist No One’s Ever Heard Of.”

It’s another recording in the style heard here and here.

The recording is called, “Gentle Rain,” and it lives up to its name. Again, it seems to be a situation in which Miner jams with and by himself, as he seems to provide both backing track and the leads.

I’m only guessing, because the video descriptions are woefully inadequate, and Miner credits no one else in them.

As with the other recordings this guy has done, this outstanding it of work has been out there for years! Almost five years, to be exact, and it has a grand total of … 205 views. It’s like this guy is trying to avoid getting the well-deserved recognition that by rights ought to greet these recordings.

— xPraetorius


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