Okay — One More…

This is another one by Alan Miner — the Greatest Guitarist No One’s Ever Heard Of.

It’s calming, sweet-sounding, relaxing, while at the same time being densely intricate.

The guy’s a great guitarist. It’s positively strange that no one’s — apparently — ever heard of him. He’s had these outstanding recordings on Youtube for upwards of six years, and he garners a few hundred views here, a few hundred there, but that’s it.


Oh, well! At least we can enjoy them!

— xPraetorius



One thought on “Okay — One More…

  1. x: these videos are great! I see what you mean about this guy’s playing.
    Strange that no one’s ever heard of him. I wonder why he doesn’t try to get his name out there. He could or should be playing in big venues.

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