Worth Noting (Part IV)

The good folks at www.moonbattery.com have put out another excellent post. It’s here.

The author notes that a court decree is forcing the web site ChristianMingle to allow gays to find same-sex “matches” on the site. He makes the usual Social Conservative points, with which I’m wholeheartedly in agreement. Then, however, he makes another extremely important point:

But at least Muslim dating sites won’t be compelled by the government to serve as homosexual sex services, due to relative positions in the hierarchy of our cultural Marxist caste system.

Here, rapid-fire, is the point to which the American left, along with the Gay and Sexual-Weirdism Grievance goons, and their media facilitators, have brought us:

  1. The point: “Muslim dating sites won’t have to facilitate gay dating” is, obviously, true.
  2. That obviously — no debate possible — represents “unequal protection of the laws.”
  3. If ChristianMingle were to sue, under the Equal Protection clause, they’d lose. Don’t argue with me here. The point is: there’s a very good chance they’d lose, and that’s just not debatable. The decision of such a case as this one, though, ought to be as easy as, say, Dred Scott. Get it?
  4. This means that the judiciary is hopelessly corrupt.
  5. With a hopelessly corrupted Executive Branch and a hopelessly corrupted Judicial Branch, there’s little hope for this country.

Unless something turns all that around and points the country in exactly the opposite direction.

— xPraetorius


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