The Rules

These are the ten things I have told, then asked (as they got older 🙂 ), my children always to observe, or to be aware of:

  1. Everything, no exceptions — good, bad or indifferent — represents a way to be closer to God. It’s up to us to figure out how that is.
  2. I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you. I’ll never tire of trying to tell you though.
  3. You don’t have to do the same stupid things I did when I was your age. I’ll always be open about the dumb things I did, so you can avoid them.
  4. I’ll always tell you why I tell you something. Or, I’ll tell you I don’t know why, and I’ll get back to you. I’ll never say to you, “Because I said so.
  5. Ladies first.
  6. One person is like no other person. Ever. Never lose sight of that.
  7. The Golden Rule!!!
  8. I know more than you, and I’ll always know more than you, because I’ll always be older than you. Learn from my perspectives so that you can have a better life than I’ve had. So you can be a better person than I’ve been. Do this with other older people when I’m gone. Never stop doing this. Tell your kids.
  9. I’ll never lie to you. You should expect this from all other people, but, realistically, you cannot. Therefore, always trust others … but verify (h/t: Ronald Reagan)
  10. See # 1.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. Very nice. But I stand by “because I said so” when they are young because we all have to acknowledge a higher authority to which we must ultimately regard this way. As in: God may allow us all kinds of insights and reasons, but our respect for him really boils down to “because He says so”, and that is right. No, we aren’t God, but our kids must learn to respect our positional authority. .02

    1. Agreed, MB. When they were very young, there was plenty of “Because I said so.”

      I then made sure to tell them afterward why I had said so, but at the time of whatever incident, they needed to do what I needed them to do.

      They nearly always did. They’re great kids, and they’ve always been.

      I compiled these “Rules” when they were old enough to understand them.

      I’m a really lucky daddy.


      — x

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