POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Hooray for Western, Hetero, White Dudes! – The Praetorian Writers Group

I found this little gem too, in our archives. Here’re some summary statements from this very densely-packed post:

  • If we [Editor’s Note: Western, Hetero, White Dudes] were really racists, as some suggest, there’d have been no Civil Rights. We’d have squashed it, and that would have been the end of it.
  • Non-white people the world over are flinging themselves into the ocean, crossing miles of merciless deserts, and leaving everything behind just to come here and be “oppressed” by us Western, hetero, white dudes!
  • If we were really sexists, there’d have been no feminism. The Muslims have shown us that if we really want to keep women down, we dudes could do it.
  • If we really disrespected, or hated women, or thought of them only as “sex objects,” as feminism has alleged, then all the labor-saving devices invented by men would have been for men.
  • If we were really all that hostile to people who engage in sex-like activities with members of their own sex, there’d be no “gay marriage” anywhere today.
  • If we were really the racists that the Race Grievance Industry insists we are, there’d be no immigration problem because there’d be no immigration.
  • If we were really the racists that the RGI insists we are, Japanese-Americans could have expected a whole lot worse treatment than temporary internment during World War II, and an apology some decades later.
  • Want to know why all the various whining grievance groups  have attacked Western, heterosexual, white men? Simple. Because they can.
  • Contrary to what the various grievance groups allege, we’re just too nice to fight back. These groups knew we wouldn’t, so they had no fear in coming at us.
  • This is supported by a simple observation: Some of the worst women’s rights abusers in the world today are muslims, yet no one except the political right in America has the courage to criticize them.
  • Black Americans said, “We want Civil Rights!” We said, “Ummmmmmm… Ok.” And so on…
  • Feminism, was mostly unnecessary. Again, we Western, hetero, white men’s laid-back, easy-going attitude toward this kooky movement, propelled by some severely neurotic “thinkers,” was wrong. We should have pushed back…
  • We allowed the nutcase feminists to paint a cardboard-cutout picture of men that was caricaturish, hyper-negative, mono-dimensionally buffoonish, and not even remotely accurate.
  • Put it this way: if men really were anything resembling what feminists said they were, there would have been no feminism at all.
  • Look, I’m not saying that we’re perfect by any means. However, it has to be admitted that wherever Western Europeans colonized, they introduced a system that ultimately proved superior to the one already in place in the conquered territory. This goes for everywhere they went.
  • Furthermore, every place Western Europeans didn’t colonize has had the same backward, oppressive political/social structure it has had for centuries.
  • So, how can I say that bold statement so confidently. Simple: it is self-evidently true that if all countries had the same democratic systems as those in place in the United States and Western Europe, all countries, and the world, would be vastly better off. 
  • So, an enthusiastic “HOORAY!” for us Western, heterosexual, white males, the nicest, kindest, most benign majority group in the history of the world!

There… now you don’t have to read the essay on the other end of the below link… but you should.

It was written almost two years ago, and remains as relevant today as it was then.

After all, we’re, overall, really good people! Think about it. • If we were really racists, as some suggest, there’d have been no Civil Rights. We’d have squashed it, and that wou…

Source: POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Hooray for Western, Hetero, White Dudes! – The Praetorian Writers Group

— xPraetorius

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