Loving The Spanish-style Guitar!

Interesting recording here!

I really, really like it!

It’s been out there for more than six years, and has a total of something like 360 paltry views!

And it’s excellent!

I have no idea who this dude, Alan Miner, is, but as great as he is at the guitar, he’s plainly every bit as lousy at self-promotion, or video production.

So, if you’re interested in promoting serious talent that has no talent at, or apparent interest in, promoting itself, then go to the above-linked video and make a nice comment or link to it, as I have.

The spot at 2:30 is positively pulse-quickening.

The only problem is that the video is really, really dark. You can catch an occasional glimpse of a light source off the guitar that, presumably, Miner’s playing.

Not sure how you’d know that though. The video values on this recording are … awful, while the audio is … sublime.

But, isn’t that why we listen to music?

— xPraetoriu.



2 thoughts on “Loving The Spanish-style Guitar!

  1. Thanks, Tricia! I’m a huge fan too. And I play it as well, among other genres.

    This guy did a bunch more, and there are a couple that I really, really like, but they’re less in a Spanish style.

    I’ll post links to them as well.

    Apparently, as mentioned above, the guy’s really, really bad at self-promotion! The next recordings I’ll link to have also been around for something like six years, with just a few hundred views! Oh, well.


    — x

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