For the Left, “Progress” Means Taking Your Power From You

Bottom Line: The left, and its political wing the Democrat Party, were never all about allowing you to live your life as you see fit. 

For an all too brief shining moment, the American right, and their political wing, the Republican Party, used to be.

The American left’s main idea — they call this “progressive” — can be summed up in one short phrase: “concentrating power in the hands of the government to impose the vision of the left on America.”

That’s supposed to represent “progress?!?” 

That’s supposed to be forward thinking?!?


What ignoramus thought that hogwash represents “progress?!?” Oh. Oops. We call that ignoramus, “Mr. President.”

Far from “progress,” it’s not even anything new! It’s the oldest game in the book.

Back in the days of the cavemen. Og decided he wanted to rule the clan. He wasn’t sure he could pull it off by himself, so he set about befriending and gaining the support of the other tough guys in the bunch.  When he thought he had enough muscle, he’d challenge Big Glank for the chieftainship.

Once Og had seized the throne from Big Glank, he’d do whatever he could to keep the throne. He’d run old Glank and his supporters out of town, and he’d set up a system that would dispossess his rivals and potential rivals — all in the interest of “the people,” of course — distributing their stuff to those he needed to support him, bribing them to solidify their support.

Gee, I wonder where else we’ve seen a system that bribes people in order to solidify their support. Hmmm…

The point: in primitive, leftist-style societies like that, it was a big deal to be the chief, and to oversee that redistributive system. Now, in America, look at the big deal they make over the President.

I remember an interview I heard on National Public Radio (NPR) after the muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. The interviewer was asking someone on the street what she thought of Obama’s coming to visit the city. She told of how great it was that he was coming there “to comfort them, and to begin the healing,” or some such nauseating bilge.(1)

As if this moron, Obama, had come bearing magical powers to salve wounds and soothe broken hearts.

But, really, who’s the moron? Obama, who thinks, or allows others to think, that he has such powers? Or the poor, dumb girl who actually believes Obama possesses such powers?

Only in a system where vast power is concentrated in the hands of a very few, could such a deeply idiotic notion be widespread. In a normal, healthy society the only correct, the only proper, the only intelligent response to the question: “What do you think of Obama’s visit?” would be: “Gee, I hope he doesn’t get in the way. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

The right — the real political right — is all about distributing power to the masses. The power to advance themselves in a society stripped of unnecessary obstacles. If the right had its way, then it simply would not be that big a deal to be atop their system, because while that position would wield power, it would be a whole lot less power than that held by the guy on top of a leftist system.

Power, unlike economics, is a zero-sum game. The more power someone else has, the less power you have. Period.

At a societal level, power is freedom. This is the point that our American educational system has consistently failed to make. The more power you have, the more freedom you have as well. The more power you give away, needless to say, the less freedom you have.

Here’s the difference between right and left in America:

  • The American left is about taking your power from you and giving it to someone they consider smarter, wiser … better, than you, to run your life.
  • The disappearing ideal of the American right is about taking the government’s power from it and giving it to you, to let you run your own life as you see fit.

The left, and its political wing the Democrat Party, were never all about allowing you to live your life as you see fit.

For an all too brief, shining moment, the American right, and their political wing, the Republican Party, used to be. All about letting you live your life as you see fit, that is.

That was the great revolution that Ronald Reagan oversaw. He was able to get the pithy phrase “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem” into the American lexicon, if only temporarily. (here — about 6:45 into it.)

That was an absolutely astonishing thing to say, by someone who had just taken over the reins of that same government(2). And, that is the American Revolution encapsulated into one brief, shining string of a dozen words.

In no other land in the world has there been such an enduring, absolutely revolutionary idea; that the rulers of the country would set about consciously to reduce and constrain their own power. And this with the aim of giving away their own power to the people, in such a way as to make the people the permanent owners and caretakers of that power.

However, despite an astonishing string of unprecedented historical successes, in the political and economic arenas, that grand, courageous, noble, revolutionary effort … failed.


In American politics, that notion appears to have lost the day … at least for today.


The people have largely pronounced themselves on the matter, and they’ve said that they don’t want to live their lives as they see fit. They want someone else to tell them how to live. In droves they came out to vote for a reactionary, half-witted clodpole named Bernie Sanders, who looked them right in the eye and said that he’d steal the money and things that some people had earned, give it to those who had not earned it, and he’d call that “economic fairness,” and “social justice.”

Those Who Had Not Earned It liked the sound of all that. You and I, though, recognize it for what it is: a bunch of coprolitic flapdoodle.

Ever since it was possible to identify a political “left” and “right” in America — or two political wings, each setting forth competing visions for the country — the wing called “the left” has always been about concentrating power in the hands of an élite few, to order, guide, control … govern the masses.

The political right wing has always harbored the notion that the people can, largely, govern themselves.

And in massive numbers, voters — call them: the Those Who Had Not Earned It wing — bought the Bernie Sanders snake oil. At a stroke they guaranteed that there’d be someone representing the Reactionary Moron political wing in every subsequent presidential election cycle from now on, and for as far as the eye can see.

— xPraetorius


(1) Almost a direct quote. A few days have passed since, so it might not be word-for-word. The point is there though. This poor halfwit of a girl attributed almost magical powers to Obama to bring “comfort” and “healing” to wherever he visits.

In fairness to NPR, it’s to be expected that the effete, pantywaist, limousine leftists there would quite naturally gravitate to such a dim-witted birdbrain for an interview.

(2) That line came from Reagan’s First Inaugural Address on January 20, 1981.

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