You Read it Here First: Clinton Won’t Be Indicted (Part II)

In this post (here), we said that the fix is in. The FBI evidence could show that Hillary Clinton sold top-secret communications to Putin, ISIS, the Chinese and Al Qaeda, and Loretta Lynch wouldn’t indict her for her illegal private e-mail server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

We further said that Lynch couldn’t win in having to pronounce judgement on the thoroughly corrupt Clinton.

However, we left out one crucial reason why.

First we mentioned that if Lynch chooses not to indict the obviously criminal Clinton, then the stench of political corruption would stick to her for the rest of her life. If, however, she does choose to indict in the face of, let’s face it, overwhelming evidence, then she understands that she might be tossing the election over to Donald Trump.

Make no mistake about this: As bad a candidate as Trump is, the Democrats are all about winning this election with Clinton. In so doing, they think (probably correctly, I should add) that they will render the Republican Party irrecoverably irrelevant. That would leave the path completely free of any obstacles to a full re-structuring of America in the vision of the left.

The Democrat Party leadership sees the distinct possibility of reducing the scene to Them versus a replacement Republican Party that will take at least a generation to build itself to relevance.

They do not want a Democrat Party and a Democrat-Lite Party, which is what Trump promises for them. No, they’re going for the brass ring now. They want to be in a position where they will be in power for the foreseeable future.

And, frankly, they’re tired of having always to couch their real ambitions in the language of the right. They’re constantly talking of things like “fiscal responsibility,” and “strong defense” and “a strong America,” and “transparency, honesty, good government” even though they have no attachment whatsoever to those ideas. The only thing that warms the cockles of the leftist heart is: power.

With a fully triumphant Democrat Party, and a fractured, fractious political right-wing, there will be no counter-weight whatsoever to morons like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The great Kevin Williamson of National Review said this (here):

It isn’t Ted Cruz’s fault, or John Kasich’s, or Marco Rubio’s, or Jeb Bush’s, that the American public in free and fair elections chose two major-party candidates whose preening self-regard, dishonesty, moral cowardice, and incompetence is in each candidate’s case the best and only argument for the other candidate.

First of all, that tight, little paragraph neatly sums up the entire political process this go-round. Not surprising in that it comes from Kevin Williamson.(1)

The problem is that the Republican Party won’t survive their ridiculous choice of  Donald Trump, while the Democrat Party will actually thrive by choosing a corrupt, power-mad, debased career criminal for their candidate and leader.

— xPraetorius


(1) Here’s the real tragedy of Williamson’s observation:  The Republican field of candidates this go-round was, by quite far, the strongest field of candidates — in any party — in living memory. The Republican field had no fewer than seven outstanding, intelligent, accomplished, articulate, top-drawer people: Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Bush, Perry, Jindal, Paul. Add to that, the incredibly accomplished and articulate Carly Fiorina, with the delightfully soft-spoken and astonishingly accomplished man, with the over-the-top inspiring life story, Ben Carson, and you bring the number of outstandingly good people, and great candidates in the Republican camp to nine!

And Republican voters choose Trump.

The tragedy compounds itself: Thanks to the media, Democrat voters have been able to nominate deeply bad people in every election cycle for a very long time. This go-round they chose a really bad person for their own party. She’s a really bad candidate too. But, the worst thing is that she’s just a profoundly bad person. And when she’s not indicted for criminal behavior that would send you or me away for life, she will become President.


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