You Read it Here First: Clinton Won’t Be Indicted

Hint: That “oopsies” meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton? That means: the fix is in.

The odds against Hillary Clinton being indicted for — let’s be very clear about this — egregious illegal acts that seriously compromised the security of this country, things that would send you or me away for life, are now 10,000 to 1.

How’s that, you say?

Here’s why — it’s pretty easy to follow:

  • Everyone knows that the thoroughly corrupt Barack Obama wants the thoroughly corrupt Hillary Clinton to be “cleared” in the probe of Clinton’s illegal private e-mail server scandal.
  • Everyone knows that Obama would do anything to make that whitewash happen. Well, here’s all he’d have to do: Have his Attorney General meet with Bill Clinton for about a half-hour somewhere in the world, and make sure the press know about it.
  • The media would all report breathlessly on the meeting, and there would be howls of outrage on all sides of the political divide. Check and check.
  • Before the meeting, though, all the pressure was on Lynch. Her boss, the President, is breathing down her neck to clear the unindicted felon, Hillary. If Lynch were to do that, she knows that the stench of a political whitewash will be impossible to scrub from her reputation. If she were to indict, her public life would be over. She also knows that Obama doesn’t care two hoots about her. He’s concerned about his reputation and legacy, a  political concern that Lynch shares. If Lynch were to choose to indict, it would imply a massive failure on the part of Obama, that he would appoint such a person to an ultra-high position in his administration. There was no way Lynch could make this investigation into a win for her — except, that is, to meet for a half-hour with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of some airport somewhere in the world.
  • Now, after that meeting, Lynch makes a brief announcement that, “of course she’ll simply accept the recommendation that arrives on her desk pertaining to the matter of Hillary Clinton and the illegal e-mail server.
  • And… now, she’s free to assign the formulation of that recommendation to someone, Suzie Noname, in the Justice Department, who Lynch knows will announce — no matter the evidence, and no matter what comes from the FBI — that there’s just no reason to indict. One stone — two birds: Lynch wins. Hillary skates. Again.
  • Done!

Of course the Republicans and the right will howl, as they should. “Who the hell is Suzie Noname?” they’ll cry. And for a week or so, everyone will all dig ever so deeply into the background of Suzie Noname. The left will find some time in her past where she’s said something nice about some Republican or other, and the right will find out that she was an early Obama appointee to the Justice Department, and none of that will matter one teentsy-weentsy bit. The left will yowl, unanimously, that she’s obviously non-partisan and fair. The right will scream, correctly, that she’s a partisan hack.

Guess on which side the reactionary, dinosaur media will fall. And that will complete the fix.

They can howl all they want, but the Republicans and Conservative media themselves participated fully in the making of the fix. They all leaped to protest — right on cue — at the announcement of the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton. “Stupid!” they said. “Bad optics!” they cried. “Tone deaf!” they accused. “Loretta Lynch must recuse herself!” they yelled. Not knowing that all the while, all Lynch has ever wanted to do is to recuse herself. From the moment she arrived in the Attorney General’s office.

No, she shouldn’t recuse herself. The right, and Republicans in both houses of Congress, should shout to the high heavens, “Corruption!” And: “She must step down!” This has nothing to do with the phrase you and I have been hearing all over the place: “the appearance of impropriety.” This is impropriety, pure and simple. It’s corruption of the highest order.

Read this well: Both Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton knew full well that what they were doing was very, very wrong. It was nothing less than a strategy to (1) get Lynch out of having to pronounce judgment on Hillary Clinton, and (2) make sure that no indictment of the ultra-corrupt Hillary Clinton is ever forthcoming.

And it’s working.

Loretta Lynch had nothing to win in the Hillary Clinton investigation. She knows that the preponderance of all evidence seen to date by the public shouts that Hillary Clinton is nothing but a greedy, self-serving, corruptocrat, willing to risk the security of our nation — your security and mine —  for her own personal interests and fortune.

If Lynch were to receive the FBI recommendations, which she knows will be damning, and not indict, her reputation in American history will be irrevocably stained. If she opts to indict, she goes straight back to the private sector, having ticked off the American left, who she knows — since she’s a card-carrying member of it — are vicious.

The odds against Hillary Clinton being indicted for — let’s be very clear about this — egregious illegal acts that seriously compromised the security of this country, things that would send you or me away for life, are now 10,000 to 1.

— xPraetorius



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