NPR Watch (6/29/16) “Brexit” — The Left Reveals Itself…

…unintentionally, of course. They so frequently do this! They tell you — right to your face! — either that (1) they’re lying — all the time! — or (2) they’re thoroughly corrupt, power-mad scum, who care only about their own power, and the people be damned. Or (3) Both.

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way in to work today, when they did a follow-on feature about the United Kingdom’s recent “Brexit” election, in which the voters chose to leave the European Union.

The NPR “reporter” on the scene in Europe told of a bunch of high European Union (EU) muckety-mucks who were really ticked off at the British for voting as they did.

He interviewed one Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission. He’s a really, really high up there muckety-muck in the EU. Juncker said something to the effect of how they, the EU, were really going to show the British. They had the way to make things really get going. Why, they were going to kick it into high gear(1) and just show the UK, and they, the EU, were going to leave the UK in the dust!

Jean-Claude Juncker – Apparently he sees the joke, but we’re having some trouble getting it.




A question poses itself: Why hadn’t they done that nifty little trick a long, long time ago?

  • Item: The economies of France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal are in the toilet, ever more rapidly circling the bowl. And they have been for years now.  
  • Item: Ten percent unemployment is considered “normal,” even “good” in Europe.
  • Item: The only way to get enough young taxpayers to fund all the aging European pensioners is to import them. These are the muslim hordes who are slowly islamifying Europe and turning it into a growing, loosely-knit bunch of medieval “No-Go Zones,” filled with black-shrouded wraiths we might normally call “women” if we could see them.
  • Item: The only economies that are doing okay in Europe are the ones in the East that threw off the dead weight of Socialism back in the 1990’s, and didn’t bring in the deadly muslim swarms. 
  • Item: While all this is moving apace, Germany is carrying the dead weight of all the moribund European economies, while bringing into its borders the selfsame muslim predator packs, which its increasingly restive people will consent to do for only so long.
  • Item: There’s no innovation, no dynamism, no vigor, no energy coming from Europe.

This has all been going on for so long now, that it may be too late to reverse the trend leading remorselessly to the death of civilization in Europe.  

So, if Jean-Claude Juncker knows how to turn the dowdy, gout-ridden, hunched over, old European hag into a youthful, energetic, vigorous, dynamic, coltish  beauty, with flashing eyes, and a spring in her powerful step, then where has he been all this time?

Greece has been busy getting bailed out time and time again, while the United Kingdom has voted to get out altogether, and growing movements across all the EU countries are focused on doing the very same thing… where has Jean-Claude Juncker been all this time with his magic formula for life and youthful vigor?!?

I’ll tell you where he’s been.

There are only two possibilities: (1) Jean-Claude Juncker is simply lying. He’s got no magic formula, and no idea how to drag dying Europe to her knees, then to her feet, or (2) He’s not lying, and he’s a vile, disgusting, verminous human being who’s known all along how to eradicate the suffering of tens of millions of Europeans, and he and his precious European Union have simply chosen to let ’em all suffer.

He, Jean-Claude Juncker, was the one who said — right out there in the open, just as brazen as you please!  — that he knows how to turn it all around. We all heard him right there on national media this very morning.

But, then, the left are always revealing either the intellectual bankruptcy of their ideas and their “thinking,” or else its their massive, filthy greed and corruption. It’s all right there for anyone to see. They’re too stupid even to know that they’re doing it! All we have to do is listen to them, and think about it for a minute or two.

People around the world, and especially in Europe, should tell this left-wing jackass to put up or shut up.

— xPraetorius


(1)Kick it into high gear” is a direct quote. The rest is a paraphrase that faithfully renders the tone of Jean-Claude Juncker’s quote.

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