Astonishing! The Pathetic Media Reaction to “Brexit”

Bottom Line: Dennis Prager said it well:  If you think the left care about people, then you don’t know the left. They are about taking, and keeping, power. Nothing more.

To say that the media coverage of the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote — almost universally except, of course, for FOX News — was pathetic, is to be charitable.

First of all, they outright abandoned any pretense of “objectivity” — a nonsense concept anyway — and openly rooted for the UK to remain part of Europe.

Then, when the vote went the other way, the media — again, nearly universally — launched into a sneering, snarling, contemptuous campaign of condemnation of the vote, and of those who voted. Then they began rooting openly for Scotland to break away from the UK. Then they began the narrative of “the ones who already regret their vote” — two days after the vote! Then they started the narrative that they think shows the pro-Leave voters as nothing but a bunch of dumb rubes, who’d been hoodwinked by lying politicians on the right. There was not one story in all the media coverage — except, again, at FOX News — that reported on the Leave campaign as potentially having any legitimacy at all.

Someone in the United Kingdom campaign must have seen something in the idea of leaving the European Union. Lots of someones.

Back to Scotland for a moment: Remember when Scotland held a referendum on whether or not to declare their independence from the UK? Remember why they did it? The vast majority of Scots who supported leaving the UK said they weren’t getting enough welfare from the UK.

Yep. Not enough welfare.

This from Scots! Once a fiercely freedom-loving people, their big fight then was to get more free stuff from the United Kingdom.

So much for “Scotland the Brave.”

Ready for some of the horrible consequences that the media say are going to happen as a result of the UK’s eventual departure from the European Union? Well, here’s one: Some people living in Northern Ireland work in Ireland, and vice versa. They can now go over the border to work without showing any kind of identification papers. Presumably that would end, and those people would have to show a passport.

Well, I can solve that in 10 minutes. The Irish Prime Minister and the British Prime Minister have a 10-minute phone call, in which each says to the other, roughly:

Hey, why don’t we just leave in place all the financial arrangements we have now, just the way they are, until we can re-negotiate some other, maybe better, agreement. Heck, if we can’t come up with something better, then maybe we could just leave things as they are! And that’ll be our “new” arrangement, just between our two countries, the UK and Ireland. Whaddya say?

The UK Prime Minster — currently the hapless David Cameron — could have roughly that same conversation with the other leaders of the other 27 EU nations, and just like that, problem, such as it is, solved. At that point, both the European Union and the United Kingdom could take whatever time they need to extricate Britain from the EU. That’s kind of a “pre-Norway Norway” arrangement.

Norway has an arrangement with the European Union in which they do all the things that EU nations have to do to be part of the club, but they’re not actually in the EU.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. Some things would have to change nearly immediately. Immigration, for example. There are the issues that brought this all about in the first place, and I don’t want to gloss over them, but all you have to do is this “pre-Norway Norway” thing and, to repeat, there is no problem anymore.

Now, here’s why my “pre-Norway Norway” idea won’t happen. The media are openly rooting for the UK to be “punished” for voting to exit the EU. In other words, they’re reporting, as “news,” that there are many pro-European Union people urging that the EU force the crisis they predicted if there were a “Brexit.”

Or, otherwise stated: if there’s any crisis at all in upcoming months and years, it won’t be because there has to be. And it won’t be because of the UK’s departure from the EU, but rather it’ll be a manufactured crisis by pro-Europeans who would prefer to force people to suffer, rather than simply making the new arrangement work. Needless to say, these pro-Europeans are all leftists. Democratic Socialists, they call themselves, just like a certain half-wit (Bernie Sanders) Presidential candidate in America.

Leftists don’t care one iota if people suffer, so long as their ideas, however illegitimately communicated to the public,(1) prevail.

Remember: you read all this here first. The only crisis that would come out of Britain’s exit from the EU is one that the EU will cause willingly, on purpose, to try to make the UK suffer for its effrontery.

Dennis Prager said it well:  If you think the left care about people, then you don’t know the left. They are about taking, and keeping, power. Nothing more.

— xPraetorius


(1) The only way the “ideas” of the left have ever prevailed in any country is through dishonesty. Dishonesty on the part of the media, of the leaders, of celebrities and prominent artists. It’s the only way the “ideas” of the left can ever prevail, because those “ideas” can be boiled down to one thing: taking and keeping power. However, if they don’t couch their efforts in terms like “power to the people,” and “compassion,” and “fairness,” and “equality,” then no one would ever support them.



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