Why All the Enraged Vituperation About “Brexit?”

Well, if you ask those who supported the idea of leaving the European Union, there was one common theme: they all felt as if their lives were increasingly being controlled by people in a central bureaucracy that was insulated from the reality of their lives and, frankly, didn’t give the tiniest hang about them.

Europe,” as an entity other than the continent, really consists of a bunch of supra-national bureaucrats willing to impose rules and regulations on all the countries of Europe, from their headquarters in Brussels. Things like immigration policy, taxation, financial and economic policies, and more.

If you noodle that over in your mind for a bit, there’s only one image that comes to mind: The Soviet Union. Not even England’s Communist-lite Labour Party wants to invoke that imagery.

The very idea of “Europe” as conceived now, is an inherently socialistic enterprise: Central, unaccountable bureaucracies handing down decrees from above is Socialism. As time goes on, and as that fact becomes more and more evident, it’s not surprising that people might vote to get out from under all that.

The reaction of the left — here in America, there in Europe, and around the world — was instructive. Those who voted for Brexit” couldn’t be simply people with whom the left had a disagreement, no, they were idiots, morons, racists, xenophobes, provincials, less educated rubes. The left heaped such white-hot hatred on the heads of the Leave voters, that they quite unintentionally revealed themselves.


We’ve long said in these pages that the left just know for absolutely certain that they’re smarter, wiser, better educated … just better than those who disagree with them. I used to believe that about myself too. Then I turned 10 years old, and outgrew the embarrassingly half-witted notion.

One thing the political left does not do, generally, is outgrow embarrassingly half-witted notions. When and if they do, we call them: right-wingers.

We also call them supporters of things like “Brexit.”

— xPraetorius



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