Finally! Someone ELSE Spotted It Too!

The gun crime problem in America isn’t due to a lack of gun control, it’s because of a lack of Democrat control.

We said (here) that all you have to do is make sure that Democrat Party members, voters and supporters don’t have any guns, and you’ll nearly eliminate gun crime. Almost completely. Overnight.

We underscored the point here.

All you need to do, in your gun purchase background check, is something like show the person a picture of the Democrat and Republican candidates for President, and ask him whom he supports. If the guy indicates the Democrat, deny the purchase.

The point: the demographic composed of “people who commit crime, especially gun crime” is not overrun with any Republican core constituencies. And there are certainly, obviously, very few, if any, Conservatives in those ranks.

We knew this, and we wrote our first piece on “Democrat Control” (here) more than four years ago.

Now, other people are starting to recognize it too. I found this tweet here.

The tweet was only somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it was meant to make a point. The problem with that point is that people mention it from time-to-time, but then leave it hanging unstated.

Here’s a little thought exercise to illustrate the point and add an important datum to the understanding of gun crime; really of crime overall.

Hypothesize with me for a moment. A genie comes down and manages to speak to all Americans at once. Here’s what he says: “Everyone: I have confiscated all your guns as of this moment. To get your guns back, you must fill out this questionnaire.” Poof! Into everyone’s hands a sheet of paper appears (This is a genie, after all!), containing instructions on how to fill out the questionnaire online.

The questionnaire asks each person to check a “Yes” or “No” box in response to a series of questions on the issues of the day. Things like: Do you favor abortion rights? Should taxes be higher on the rich? Do you believe in global warming? Should we do more to fight climate change?” 

Respondents must answer all questions, even the ones they don’t understand. If they don’t understand it they must guess at their response

At the end of the questionnaire, you should have a gauge of the respondents’ political sympathies, whether or not they’re at all informed on the world around them.

If the genie then returns the guns only to those respondents whose results show them to be on the rightmost two-thirds of the entire political spectrum, what do you think would happen to gun crime? What do you think would happen to crime in general?

It’s kind of important to answer the question too. The obvious conclusion seems to be that if you remove all the guns from the leftmost third of the political spectrum, you’d dramatically reduce gun crime. Nope. That’s not it. First of all, in removing the guns from the leftmost third of the political spectrum, you’d (1) remove well more than 90% of all guns, and (2) you’d remove guns from, probably, 99% (not 33%) of those who would commit violence with those guns.

This simple picture might illustrate the point better:

Illustration 1. Use of guns in violent crimes against others.

It’s a hastily drawn illustration, but it makes the point. If you were to remove gun ownership from only the leftmost third of the political spectrum, you would nearly eliminate violent gun crime altogether.

An important note: The label: “Use of Guns in Violent Crimes Against Others” is important. The vast majority of all gun deaths in America are suicides, or crimes against oneself. No one is clamoring to reduce the use of guns in suicide, needless to say. However, it would be nice if we could reduce suicide in general.

The beginning of this post refers to several posts that we wrote mostly in satire. However, there are people who have taken this notion very, very seriously. The Israelis actually do engage in the kind of “psychological profiling,” for lack of a better term, in their airline security procedures. They’ve been doing this quietly for a long time. When was the last time you heard of an Israeli airplane hijacking?(1)

The two most common characteristics, by far, of America’s prison population are: (1) raised in a single-mother household, and (2) tattoos. I’d venture to wager a lot of money that a third common characteristic — more common even than the other two — is: left-wing political sympathies.

Oh, please don’t hit me with, “most inmates don’t have any political sympathies at all.” That’s hogwash! If they’ve accepted welfare payments without questioning where it all came from, or they think they’re entitled to what others have earned, if they think that “The Man” is out to screw them, so they should be able to screw him beforehand, and so forth, then the guy’s a default leftist. He may not vote, he might be dumb as a stump, and he might not do overtly political things, but he’s a leftist for sure. As we’ve mentioned before in these pages (some links), the left, the Democrats, “own the stupid vote.

Converse casually with him for a bit, and you’ll see that he generally ticks all the other leftist check boxes as well: He’s pro-abortion; pro-taxing the rich, but not him; pro-drug legalization … pro-everything leftist.

This guy, you and I both know it, is a leaf floating down the leftist zeitgeist stream, not challenging anything whatsoever in that stream’s intellectual trajectory. As we’ve mentioned here more than once: “The facts of life are Conservative, but society’s white noise is nearly all leftist.(2)

Conservative thinking is, simply, more advanced thinking. We pointed that out here, and provided ample support for the conclusion. More advanced thinking leads to less crime over all and, obviously, less gun crime.

If you really want to stop gun crime, then contribute to the advance of Conservative thinking in America. Simple as that.

— xPraetorius


(1) Hint: There hasn’t been a successful attack on Israeli air traffic in forty-four years. Here’s the link  — See the next to last paragraph, but it’s worth it to read the entire piece. Note: this particular column from all the way back in 2010, is quite thought-provoking, and the author — one Anshel Pfeffer — is plainly not a “right-wing” journalist.

(2) The first clause come from Margaret Thatcher (here), and we added the second part to illustrate the fact that even though the facts of life are Conservative, the left constantly wins the battles and skirmishes that shape society’s actual direction. A direction, I should add, that has been steadily leftward since the inception of the country.

And, of course, as further anecdotal evidence of my point, Terry McAuliffe, Democrat governor of Virginia and long-time Clinton henchman, is trying to ensure that felons exiting prison after their incarcerations are over, can vote in Virginia. Do you really imagine he’d do that if he weren’t perfectly well aware that these are nearly all Democrat sympathizers, and potential Democrat voters?

Important note: if you were to change the intellectual trajectory of the zeitgeist to lean to the right, presto-changeo, most Americans would become default Conservatives! The zeitgeist, whose thinking is mostly determined by the media and pop culture, is a powerful thing! This does not speak well of the average American’s understanding of the extent to which he should be informed, and engaged in constantly improving his knowledge of the world around him.

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