Remember When the Russians Hacked Into the Clinton Campaign’s Computers?

They grabbed all the “opposition research” — the “oppo” or the dirt — that the Clinton campaign had on Trump.

Several things came immediately to mind:

  1. Well, that pretty much salts it. You can be sure that someone hacked into Hillary’s private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State. Probably many someones.
  2. Why did the Russians bother going through all the effort to hack into the servers? They could have just walked up to the campaign headquarters’ door, knocked on it and said, “Hey, can we see all the dirt you guys have on Trump?” That’s how the press do it. The response would have been, “Sure! Come on in!” Then, the Russians would have walked in, and the Clinton campaign rep would have pointed to a filing cabinet and said, “Here’s the stuff we know, and (indicating a wall of filing cabinets) here’s what we’re fabricating, but that we know the press will eat up because they’re idiots.”

— xPraetorius


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