Brexit! Some Thoughts (That You Won’t See Anywhere Else)

Bottom Line: Below are a bunch of thoughts, comments and observations about the recent victory of the “Brexit” campaign in the United Kingdom. No one has said or written the vast majority of these thoughts anywhere else. Yet, none of them are, really, all that surprising. The fact that even the ideological media have missed them all is a bit surprising. However, it won’t be all that long before the Conservative media at least catch up with us here (because they all read our small, but increasingly influential think tank’s publications 🙂 ).

I marked the items that we’re the first to expose with: “(Appeared first here.)

In no particular order:

  • How stupid and short-sighted were the people who set up first the Common Market, then the European Union, that they never foresaw anything such as this? If they had, they could have made it so that such a thing wouldn’t be as catastrophic as they’re all projecting it to be. (Appeared first here.)
  • Or worse: they did envision such a thing and were just too stupid to put in place protections so that it wouldn’t be the catastrophe everyone says it will be. (Appeared first here.)
  • Have you noticed that all the “smart people” are beside themselves? I even heard (on National Public Radio, of course) the Brexit called a “peasant revolt!” Condescending at all? Sneer much?
  • Several times I heard the supporters of the “Leave” campaign called “less educated.” No statistics — or any kind of support at all! — were forthcoming to back up the jeering claim. It was just tossed off as though it were a fact. (This angle, this reaction, to the insult appeared first here.)
  • Interestingly, the supporters of Leave were also called “older and whiter” as if it were a racial thing, which, of course, it was not.
  • Even more interestingly, if you understand anything about The UK, you know that, on average, older white people are one of the more highly-educated demographics in all of Europe. Oops! (Appeared first here.)
  • I heard such invective, and such hatred, scorn and condescension-drenched derision directed at “Leave” supporters! They were idiots, and morons, “less educated,” and, of course, racists, and xenophobes, and anti-immigrant, and extreme right-wingers, and nationalists (a big, bad insult in leftyland) and on and on and on. And yet these so-called morons beat their sorry backsides! Rather badly. And they did it while all the smart people were absolutely drenching them with wall-to-wall pro-Remain propaganda!
  • I heard not one single, solitary, lonely even slightly mean thing directed at the “Remain” supporters who lost the referendum. Not one. And I paid attention to all sorts of media, across the entire political spectrum. Not one.(1) (Appeared first here.)
  • About that “less educated” thing: If you come out of, say, Harvard, with a bunch of complicated, high-falutin’, edge-you-ma-cated-sounding horse-hockey, as you might do if you attend Harvard, then you’re very highly “educated.” And you’re also, likely, a complete ninny-hammer .(2)  (Appeared first here.)
  • All the smart people have told us what a catastrophe this will be, and none have said how. Guess what: it won’t be. A catastrophe, that is. There are many, many, many countries not in the EU. Now there’s one more. Big deal. Any “catastrophe” that comes about will be fabricated out of thin air, because there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that this needs to be anything even mildly difficult. (Appeared first here.)
  • I heard someone say that Britain must be punished. Not, mind you, that the speaker saying it needed to examine what it was about the EU that had so maddened the British populace that they felt it necessary to leave. No, it was those idiotic Britons’ fault, and they must be punished! At that point, I really understood why the Brits had voted as they had. That was the general tone and tenor of all the commentary on the news. (Appeared first here.)
  • That — the pathetic, arrogant, nasty, condescending media treatment of Leave supporters — is probably also why the polls got it so wrong. The “smart people” were all calling Leave supporters such foul names, that any pollsters talking to any such people at all probably heard nothing  at all resembling honest responses to questions. (Appeared first here.)
  • There was a lot of talk about the possibility of other such referenda, in other EU countries. Almost no talk about what needed to be done to make it attractive to stay in the EU. All the talk was about how to shut “the extreme right” down because, you see, it’s all their fault. (Appeared first here.)
  • Hmmm… I wonder what the dominant ideology is in Western Europe. Was it “the Extreme Right?” What was it? You know, the one that’s so mucked up the place that Brits felt the need to bail out. The ideology that’s made many, many other people in all the other EU countries feel the same way. Yep. That ideology. Well, that’s an easy answer: it’s “Democratic Socialism.” (Appeared first here.)
  • I wonder who else is yammering on about “Democratic Socialism.” Surely no American politician would be so transparently stupid as to admit that he supports such a moronic idea! Right? Right? In that way, at least, Hillary Clinton is less of a half-wit than Bernie Sanders. Sanders is honest about the fact that he’s a bone-headed pea-brained lunatic. But let’s not forget: he’s still a bone-headed pea-brained lunatic. So’s Hillary, but she’s not honest enough to admit it. (The great Kevin Williamson of National Review has made, roughly, this point too.)
  • Yes, admitting to being a Socialist is a “litmus test.” If you admit it freely, then you’re admitting that you’re either (1) an ignoramus, or (2) a fat-headed birdbrain, or (3) a raving lunatic, or (4) all three. And, yes, admitting that you voted for a Socialist says that — Congratulations! — you’re at least one, maybe all four, of those things too! (Appeared first here.)

— xPraetorius


(1) Let me be the first: Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah! Losers! Whining, pathetic, sore losers! 🙂

(2) Heck, there’s a good chance that we call you “Mr. President,” or “Madame Secretary!


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