Brexit! (even BEFORE Before)

To give you an idea of how wonderful Mark Steyn is as a writer, I present to you this link.

This is Mark’s announcement that he’s traveling to Europe in advance of the Brexit vote of yesterday (though, not to focus on that) and chatting about a couple of other things.

Steyn is the Absolute King of the well-turned phrase; of the bon mot. And the above-linked little snippet is a good demonstration of his vast powers.

Here’s a teaser snippet:

~As we’ve had cause to note with previous bloodbaths, whoever the actual dead are, the real victims are always Muslims. This New York Times headline is an especially choice example:

Orlando Killings Rob Young New York Muslims of a Cherished Holiday Respite

Aww, nasty Islamophobes, harshing your Ramadan mellow. In humdrum reality, the Orlando killings robbed young Florida non-Muslims of their lives. But who cares about the Pulse nightclub when there’s a 24/7 Islamic pity-party going on?

“Aww, nasty Islamophobes, harshing your Ramadan mellow…”

Go ahead, I dare you. Find better, more direct, more unflinching, more cutting, trenchant, perfect commentary than that anywhere in pundit-land.

— xPraetorius






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