It’s Worth Repeating: Socialism Kills!

We said it (twice!) here, but it’s worth its own post:

Bottom Line: In every country where Socialism has taken over, either violently — as in the Soviet Union, China, SouthEast Asia, South America and Africa — or slowly and gradually — as in Europe — it has led, at worst, to massive dislocation, deprivation, poverty and death, or, at best, to a slow, steady decline into tottering economic feebleness, with massive unemployment, gathering violence as muslim wolf packs gather, and seemingly unstoppable decline, like what we see all across Europe today.

When someone calls himself a Socialist, you should react to that as if he had just admitted to you that he’s a rapist, or a murderer, or a child molester.We react that way when someone says he’s a Nazi.

They’re all — rapists, murderers, Socialists, Nazis and child molesters — pretty much the same disgusting thing.

— xPraetorius


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