Hillary’s and Trump’s Response to Orlando — A Brief Comparison

Did you hear them? Trump said his usual: stop allowing muslims from conflict hotspots into the country, and make sure you have thorough screening/vetting in place before re-starting it.

Hillary’s response: Set up a commission to study the problem and make recommendations.

Yep. She’s going to set up a commission. No doubt full of the very same people on whose watch the world is going to he** in a handbasket as it is.

I’m imagining the leaders of ISIS as they contemplate the two responses. What they must think of Hillary’s! I can just picture the reaction at ISIS HQ:

Oh, no! Not a commission! Now we have to stop doing the dastardly things we’ve been doing! They’re setting up a commission in America! Aaaarrrrghghghghg!!! They’ve got us now! All we’ve fought and died for is doomed! Doomed, I tell you! Allahu is no longer akbar! Hillary’s setting up a commission! It’s time for us to go straight and become honest farmers in our little corner here in the Middle East! I know! I’ll sell falafel at farmers’ markets early each Saturday morning!


ISIS running terrified from Hillary’s “commission.” Do you see that happening?

Which response to Orlando strikes you as the more rational response? Trump’s? Or Hillary’s?

One thing Hillary unintentionally revealed in her reaction: Her Presidency would be exactly the same as Obama’s in the realm of foreign policy. How’s that been working out so far? I’d ask the gay community in Orlando Florida, but they’re otherwise preoccupied for a while.

— xPraetorius


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