NPR Watch – NPR Hogwash (6/15/16)

Bottom Line: The wrecked, reeling, staggering, pile of junk that Obama’s given us is what NPR describes as an economy that’s “on track.”

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) this morning on the way to the airport, and on came their morning fake news program, called, “Morning Edition.

One of the hosts introduced a feature on economic indicators and said something like, “Janet Yellen has to work with economic data that is often contradictory in order to keep the economy on track.” The boldeditalicized part is a direct quote.

It is because of flapdoodle like that, that nothing NPR “reports” as “news” can actually be considered news.

On what planet would you have to live to report that this economy, at any time in the Obama Presidency, could be accurately described as “on track?” Answer: No planet with a breathable atmosphere.

In fact, the objective, absolute, no-possibility-of-refutation proof of this is the constant reference at NPR and the other dinosaur media, to “the economic recovery.” An actual recovery would have been over long, long ago, replaced by an economy in “recovered” mode. Ironically, the fact that the news media refer constantly to “the recovery” proves they know there’s never actually been any recovery.

Here’s another truth: If, say, Trump were elected President, and all positive economic indicators were to double, while all negative indicators were halved, National Public Radio would be reporting on the “looming recession,” after the “recovery of the Obama years.”

You can see it in the very nature of the “NPR Watch” feature on which we’re reporting: There is always contradictory economic data out there.

Give me a look at that data, and I can give you any picture you want of the economy. Want to report that blah doldrums are really rip-roaring prosperity? I could do that. Want to paint a gloomy picture of 10% economic growth? I could do that too.

Want proof? The news media did that constantly during the boom years of the Reagan Presidency. We heard all about how it was a “Decade of Greed,” as the rich prospered while the poor suffered. Yet later reports showed that all economic quintiles grew in prosperity under the lower-tax/lower-regulation era of Reaganomics.

One can argue forever about who gets the credit for the years of prosperity, but Reaganomics indisputably put in place the economic structure from which Bill Clinton profited, and for which Clinton takes the credit.

And, of course, the Clinton years of prosperity were “reported” by the media to be a golden era of prosperity. No greed. Nothing bad to report. Even though the rich got a whole lot richer under Clinton — in real and adjusted terms — than they did under Reagan.

What Obama did was to put the brakes on an economy that was coming out of recession even as the 2008 Presidential election was taking place. Then, he added vast new regulatory burdens to stifle the possibility of economic growth in a normally naturally resilient economy.

You have to work hard, you have to muck things up consciously, you have to pile on regulatory burden after burden after burden, in order to keep the American economy from doing well. Obama did all that, and has managed to stifle prosperity for hundreds of millions of Americans.

The wrecked, reeling, staggering pile of junk that Obama’s given us is what NPR describes as an economy that’s “on track.”

Remember: whenever you listen to NPR “news” as anything other than comedy (search “NPR as comedy” in our search box) you come out of it stupider than you go in. And, if you’re a regular listener because you take them seriously? Then you started out really stupid before you went in, and came out even stupider.

— xPraetorius


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