NPR Watch – NPR Admits: The Grievance Groups are Stupid (6/7/16)


This NPR Watch feature also contains a Deep Philosophical Statement. Those who are easily offended SHOULD NOT READ THIS!

National Public Radio (NPR) as much as admitted this morning that America’s various whiny grievance groups are populated with blithering, brainless idiots.

You know who they are: The Race Grievance Industry and its various branches and subsidiaries, the Gay Grievance Industry, the Trans Grievance Industry, the Feminist Grievance Industry, the Climate Grievance Industry, and so on… all the perpetually aggrieved groups whose leaders have learned that there’s a grand living to be made from whining about how horrible things are in America.

If they can gather enough followers, and most importantly, get the ovine “news” media to latch on to their cause, then it’s only a matter of a very short time, before outraged Congressmen, Senators and other assorted riff-raff are shrieking about the horrible injustice of it all, and demanding … money. Lots and lots of money.

Well, NPR told this morning of some candidate who was deeply, deeply concerned about his or her election effort, and fretted about the possibility of “stereotyping.” Gasp! Not … stereotyping!

Here’s the dread horror that mortified the candidate and NPR: That someone just might send a Spanish-language mailing to a non-Spanish speaking family.

Oh, the horror! Oh, the trigger warnings that must — must! — be included on each such mailing! Or else — heaven forfend! — you or I might receive a mailing in a language other than our own! Do you think you might ever get over the trauma of it all?!?

How is anyone ever offended by a mis-directed mailing?

Personally, I love it when I receive a mailing from a Democrat candidate (remember: only Democrats treat voters as if they’re drooling, slack-jawed idiots) in another language. That means that a Democrat candidate just wasted his own money and that’s always a good thing for America.

If my last name were O’Leary, and I were only, say, 1/128th Irish, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if I were to receive mailings for this Irish thing and that. I think back to Troy O’Leary, former outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, and black man. Wonder if he ever got mailings from the local chapter of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. I wonder if he then called Shaquille O’Neal and they both had a good laugh about it.

If my last name were Ronzoni, and people were to stereotype me completely, assuming (because stereotypes are nothing more than assumptions based on incomplete information) me to be Italian, that wouldn’t upset me in the least.

Furthermore, if my last name were Obama, and I were a white dude, it wouldn’t disconcert me in the slightest if people were to assume I was black until they meet me. At that point, presumably, my pallor would disabuse them of their original notion.

The point: None of these slights that NPR thought to represent horrendous, afflicting, terrible, traumatic, racist offenses ought to nettle anyone whatsoever. They’re Not A Big Deal. They are simply people taking a piece of data that suggests a conclusion, deciding that the conclusion has a reasonable chance of being valid, and acting on that conclusion. We do that every moment of every day of our lives. That we then would do it in our interactions with other people should not only be unsurprising, it should be welcome. After all, if we stopped to verify every last thing about everything we’d never get through a single day.

Someone once said something like “To abandon generalization is to abandon knowledge.” I thought it was Einstein, but an initial Google search didn’t yield any definitive results, so I might be paraphrasing it. The point, though, is that as soon as we categorize something — anything — we then generalize about it. That’s the way it is with us humans. We try to categorize, to classify, things and people. Simple as that.

— BEGIN: Deep Philosophical Statement —

Here’s a characteristic that I have, that I believe is a superior trait. It’s a trait that, if you have it, you have a leg up in every interaction you have with every human being on the face of the earth. Here it is: It’s impossible to offend me.

Period. You can’t offend me.

Nothing you could ever say or do can ever offend me. Many have tried. All have failed. It wasn’t always true. I wasn’t always that way, but I figured it out, and now I am that way.

Oh, you can tick me off. The towering stupidity, ignorance, self-obsession, power-madness, nitwittery, and brain-deadedness of the American left really annoy me. But, I don’t take it personally. Nor is there anything they (or you) can say about me or do to me, write or broadcast about me, that would offend me in the slightest.

Oh, it doesn’t mean that in possessing this superior characteristic I’m somehow better than anyone else. Far from it. It means simply that in the area of “taking things personally,” or “taking offense,” I believe that I have it figured out.

By definition, therefore, if you can be offended, then you don’t have it figured out.

Furthermore, I think that this personality trait that I have — that I can’t be offended — is a trait that you should have also. All of you. Red, yellow, black, brown, short, tall, fat, thin, in-between, man, woman or child… There should be nothing on earth that anyone could ever say or do, that you would take as personally offensive.

I don’t think that this particular characteristic of mine represents any great and deep wisdom. It was easy to come to the conclusion that there’s just nothing that anyone in the world could do or say to offend me personally.

— END: Deep Philosophical Statement —

Now. With all that said, this notion that someone could ever be offended by something like a Spanish-language mailing directed to the household of a family with a Spanish-sounding name, where the occupants don’t actually speak Spanish — is flabbergasting! Even if those Spanish-named people haven’t yet figured out, as I have, the fact that there’s really no reason whatsoever for anyone ever to be personally offended … ever.

Seriously, no one with more than one functional brain cell should ever be offended by a mis-directed mailing. This should be so freakin’ obvious that there should be no reason for me to have to say it.

It says that NPR, and of course, the Democrat Party — with which the network is deeply philosophically enamored — considers the Spanish-named recipients of the e-mail to be … complete idiots. Morons, half-wits, clodpoles, imbeciles, dolts and brainless fools.

It really should come as no surprise to anyone that the leadership of the left considers the followers of the left to be inferior simpletons. And that’s NPR all over. They recognize that their listeners are, generally, IQ-deprived dopes.

— xPraetorius







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