Lovin’ Me A Little Confirmation Bias

In the interest of pointing out intelligent contributors to general knowledge. Here’s one: Steven Crowder.

His language gets an “R” rating, though, so please be aware.

Here’s a particularly interesting edition dealing with feminism. It features the brilliant Karen Straughan speaking actual truth to … whoever will listen. Her language also gets an “R” rating.

Turns out that just a whole bunch of what you learned as “fact” in school, and out and about in society is just … false. Fiction. Made up. Fabricated. Invented, of course, as are all lies, to serve an agenda.

When Karen Straughan debunks a bunch of feminist myths — about the vote, domestic violence and more — your reaction is: “Well, that makes a whole lot more sense than what I’ve been hearing.”

Here’s one: the idea of domestic violence. Did you know that women engage in it a whole lot more than men? I did. But, only after I did some (fairly easy) research, thought about it, and … experienced it for myself.

Staughan’s comments about the vote are particularly interesting.

— xPraetorius


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