It’s Worth Repeating: The Demolition of Arkenaten

It’s worth re-reading, actually.

There is an occasional “contributor” to these pages, who calls himself “Arkenaten.”

He blogs here. It’s an occasionally readable blog, except for when he writes about religion. Then he gets all stupid and incoherent; most likely  because he thinks himself a great sage.

Arkenaten gets involved in these pages, typically, when we’re discussing religion, but this time he decided to comment on a post of ours in which we sent up the Democrat Party for its love affair with left-wing wacko Bernie Sanders.

In that post — here — Arkenaten got well and truly demolished in the comments section, and that particular exchange is really amusing to read.

It’s also instructive to read, because while Akenaten was demolished, he couldn’t possibly admit it so he did the usual thing that those who are insecure in their beliefs but insufficiently honest to admit it, almost always do: called everyone a big dummy and withdrew.

A commenter named Josey13 jumped in and added some insightful, and fun, commentary as well.

Usually I suggest that you read the entire post, and then peruse the comments, but this is an “It’s Worth Repeating” category of post, and in this case, I’m pointing you to the comments section. The post is quite good, though, too. 🙂

— xPraetorius


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